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What is the APMC Full Form?

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APMC is an agricultural board. The full form of APMC is Agricultural Produce Market Committee. Thus, established by the state government of India. Hence, the board makes sure that the farmers are guarded against the stockiest. It ensures that the farm-to-retail price does not go excessively high. If there is no one to look after those big stockers. They buy from farmers by using their fears against them. They manage to bargain at a very lower price which is very petty for the farmers in return for their work.  APMC’s full form is as follows.

APMC Full Form

The full form of APMC is Agricultural Produce Market Committee.

What is the APMC full form in Hindi?

The Full form of APMC in Hindi is एपीएमसी क्या है.

History of Agriculture:

thereafter, the independence in 1947. Although the main concern of the government was to look after agricultural products. Afterward, It was the main component of the economy. India at that time was known for its agricultural products in the world.

Why is APMC Required at First?

The answer as we know is that India was the Agricultural hub of the world. Agriculture was not in flow at that time. There came a need for a legitimized entity. It will look after the trading. And that is why it was really important for the government to look after its vital part. After all, it was their primary job to protect the interest of the farmers and provide them a good sum of money to make a good live hood.

APMC Model Act, 2003

Thereafter, some salient features of the APMC Model Act 2003:

  1. To facilitate the contract farming model.
  2. Dedicated markets for perishable goods.
  3. Allows private persons to set up their markets.
  4. Allow farmers to set up markets.
  5. Relaxation on license Terms
  6. Single market fee
  7. The APMC profit then is used for the improvement of the market`s infrastructure.

APMC Constitution of Market Committee:

The market committee is consist of 17 members:

  1. Eight Agriculturalist.
  2. Two Cooperative society members.
  3. Four Traders.
  4. One Local authority.
  5. Two Government dedicated Employees.

 All of these collectively choose Chairman and Vice-Chairman from Agriculturists or Cooperative society members. The elections of the chairman and vice-chairman are held after every Four years. likewise, the committee then later hires a secretary and necessary staff under the approval of directors.

Reforms in APMC

These are the reforms that are passed by the government of India in 2020:

  1. Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation)
  2. The ( Empowerment and Protection) Assurance and Farm Services Act
  3. The (Essential Commodities Amendment Act) Likewise marketplaces lead to a free marketplace. Additionally, as we know the cartels are quite involved in the process. Thus the farmers were really worried about the laws. It may lead them to below the minimum support price.

Pros of APMC full form Agricultural Produce Market Committee

Overall Agricultural Produce Market helped farmers in a lot of ways:

  1. Protection from Cartels.
  2. Mediated settled market.
  3. Minimum Support Price (MSP).
  4. Improved and Efficient Market.

Cons of APMC full form Agricultural Produce Market Committee

Significantly here are some negatives of the Agricultural Produce Market:

  1. Poor Management.
  2. Lack of Infrastructure.
  3. Dedicated Trading Fee.
  4. Less APMC markets.
  5. Huge Freight cost to Market.

How Many APMCs Are There in India?

Subsequently, there are 2477 main marketplaces in India. besides, from the marketplaces under APMC, there are 4843 sub-market yards. Overall these are operated by their respective committee in India.

APMC Market Fee?

Everyone knows that if the government offers any certain service to the general public. Thus they sought some kind of fee in return. Nevertheless most of the time it is a high percentage. In the agricultural market produce committee marketplaces. Hence the present market fee is around 35%. The traders are forcing it to reduce to 20%.


Although there are some negatives to APMC. Still, we know that it is vital for the country. It is important to channel Agricultural products. After all, it will take some time to tackle things and sort them out in a better way. Thus, we should recommend them some good things so that they can overcome the problems.

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