How 6 Things will Change the Way You Approach SMS Marketing?

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SMS marketing is a form of customer communication where marketing messages are sent using text messaging. This is a popular form of communication that is being used by businesses to reach out to their customers. Using SMS ensures better engagement with customers. An SMS is more likely to be read than an email and has a greater chance of getting a response. SMS is also less intrusive, which is why customers prefer it as compared to telemarketing calls. The benefits of SMS marketing have made it a key strategy for marketers.

Marketers are increasingly using SMS marketing to get more results. Whatever is the type of business an organization is involved in SMS marketing can help in better customer engagement. If you have been using SMS marketing, then you should be aware that there are many changes occurring that will affect the way SMS marketing is done. The following six things will change how you approach SMS marketing.

1) Using SMS to confirm transactions

SMS is not merely used to promote products but can also be used to update customers. The status of transactions can be updated by sending an SMS. When a customer places an order, the confirmation can be sent through a message. Similarly, the status of shipping, confirmation of delivery, generation of the invoice, receipt of payment are some examples of transactions that can be updated through SMS. This helps in better customer engagement helping to improve customer convenience.

2) It is a channel for direct marketing

More and more marketers are using SMS for direct marketing. Customers today prefer receiving marketing messages through SMS. They are not amenable to receiving telephonic calls or meeting salespersons. An SMS can generate a better response thanks to its non-intrusive character. Marketers can use SMS to directly reach out to customers by providing offers. They can offer coupons, discount vouchers, etc. This is a good way to promote sales. It is also a great way to make a customer drop into the store. SMS is the easiest way of direct marketing. Customers may not use apps. However, text messages are not only easy to send but have a high probability of being read (97%).

3) Use SMS for tracking the success of a campaign

Running an SMS campaign is easy. A business needs to know if the campaign it has been running is successful or not. This is possible by using analytics features. If you have a website, you can use a mass SMS platform to redirect customers to your website where you provide them with an offer. You can send a link to the website through SMS. This link can be used to keep track of how many people visited your website. You can also track sales generated as a result of the marketing campaign. This is very helpful in tracking how successful a campaign has been. This information will help you plan future campaigns effectively.

4) Text chatbots are becoming popular

A text chatbot uses Artificial Intelligence technology to engage with customers. You don’t have to deploy manpower to reply to customers, a chatbot can do it for you. The chat bot can look for words/phrases in the message sent by customers and reply accordingly. This will be helpful in sending immediate information to customers. Getting an immediate response will satisfy customers and chatbots can help you do that easily and effectively. 

5) Make messages visual

Text messages use only text and can be boring, right? Wrong! You can make text messages more interesting by creating a visual effect. One way of doing this is by using emojis. These are icons and smileys that are a part of text messaging software in your mobile phone. You can use them to make the message more visually appealing. You can even add images to your message and use videos through MMS. This can help you create a more powerful impact through your messages.

6) Personalize your messages

An SMS that reads like a bulk message (a common message sent to many people) may not be very effective. This can be overcome by personalizing the message. When you use a good SMS marketing software, you will have the option to include fields from your database. For example, you can add the customer’s name in the SMS you send. This is a simple way of personalizing a message. Such a message has a better impact than sending a common message. Sending birthday and anniversary greetings are other ways of using personalization to engage in a better way with customers. It can help you get better results from SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is becoming popular as it gives better results. When you plan an SMS marketing strategy, you need to keep the six things listed in this article in mind. This will help you ensure your SMS marketing strategy is more successful.

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