5 Best Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Marijuana Business

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The marijuana industry is a fast-growing one. Industry experts say it is one industry to beat in 2022. According to Cannabis Industry Journal, cannabis sales will hit $30 billion by 2023. More companies are coming into the industry as the market opens up.

Digital marketing is one of the best and quickest ways of improving sales. You can easily reach a broad audience from the comfort of your office. You can also make an impressive presence through online marketing.

Nowadays, a vast majority of people turn to the internet before purchasing. Almost everyone uses online channels to buy what they need. Shoppers seek their best products online.

Any business that wants to remain competitive and stay afloat in 2022 must embrace digital marketing.

Marketing cannabis products in a highly regulated industry is a challenging task. Let’s show you the five best digital marketing tips you can use to grow your marijuana business.

  1. Use of Advertising Mediums

If you are struggling to market your marijuana business, you can use some advertising networks to create awareness. You can use marijuana-friendly networks to promote your marijuana business. You can use some of the marijuana strains & Infused Products generally accepted for medicinal purposes or recreation to advertise your marijuana business.

These advert medium platforms are websites related to the cannabis family. They accept and publish adverts related to cannabis. It is a lot easier to promote your marijuana business in such networks because you have a chance to reach your potential customers.

  1. Use of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another platform to improve your marijuana business. Affiliate marketing is also known as third-party marketing or referral marketing.

Affiliate marketing uses an online platform to promote another person or company’s products. The affiliate marketer gets a commission for every sale generated through his channel.

Reports indicate that affiliate marketing is a promotional marketing system helping companies reach out to potential customers worldwide.

Freelancers use affiliate marketing to recommend products to those who require them. They can introduce new products, promote existing ones and help to scale your business significantly.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both the business owner and the affiliate: no advertisement costs, no extra charges, and hidden charges. The promoter only earns a commission from the sales they generate.

  1. Use of Influencers’ Marketing

Influencers are creating waves on social media. Influencers are celebrities who command great followership. It is reported that for every $1 spent on an influencer marketing strategy, businesses receive a return of over $5, which is more than doubling their revenue. 

The use of influencers has impacted the cannabis industry. Research says that people are more likely to buy a brand promoted by an influencer.

You can use local influencers to promote brands. For the marijuana business, influencers with lifestyle traits that can speak to the audience concerning the brand promoted will help grow the business.

Influencers are building-wide audiences every day. Utilizing them will help grow your marijuana business.

  1. Use of Social Media Platforms

If you must impressive showing in today’s business world, you should embrace the social media platforms. Social media have become a part of our everyday life. With a smartphone, you are already hooked up to the internet. Social media presents an excellent opportunity to reach out to the world.

You get essential avenues to allow potential customers access to your business with social media. You can quickly promote your brand, track movements to your site, and reach out to as many customers as possible without breaking the bank.

The marijuana business has enjoyed comprehensive coverage from social media. The stigma around its uses has been broken. More people have access to its various products. Thanks to the best marijuana strains you can find in many online shops.

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn, are some of the platforms you can utilize to grow your marijuana business. You can reach out to your customers within minutes by using these outlets.

Utilizing social media will ensure you get a robust online presence. If you incorporate these marketing tools into your business, you will generate quality leads and increase sales.

  1. Use of Content Writing and SEO Tools

Content writing is another form of advertising products online. With content writing, appropriate use of SEO tools helps to improve search on Google. Customers can quickly discover your brand online, and you can rank high on Google searches.

When a prospective customer goes online searching for a particular product, a keyword search helps connect the customer to the products searched for.

An estimated 12.18 billion search queries occurred in July 2022 alone. 93% of these searches begin with a search engine. It shows that if your business has to be discovered online, you must use appropriate keywords to be found on search engine results.

Your marijuana business can leverage the content writing strategy if you want to grow exponentially.


The marijuana business is presently enjoying advertising privileges it was not allowed to have in the recent past. Laws guiding its uses have been either relaxed or regulated, allowing more companies to venture into the lucrative industry. You can take advantage of the digital marketing tips listed above to grow your marijuana business.

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