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The modern digital world poses a lot of challenges. To tackle them, a business needs a skilled guide that will help manage the current tech trend and make them cater to your needs. Softjourn is one of such guides. For more than 15 years, Softjourn blends the knowledge of the best program engineers, the talent of web designers, and the expertise of the best developers to generate professional software for different purposes. Due to the efforts of a dedicated team, innovation is easily integrated and allows businesses to flourish. The company is ready to offer a wide range of software development services, based on the needs and demands of its clients.

The company’s credibility is proven by the fact that it cooperates with many famous world systems, such as iCARD systems, Maegan, SVB, ChromerRiver, and others. For almost 20 years of existence on the digital market, Softjourn has developed hundreds of high-effective projects. The company covers diverse domains and offers multiple services.

Provided Services

The company’s team embraces employees from different fields of activity. These include designers, programmers, PMs, QA. Together, they unite their efforts and knowledge to help clients integrate innovative technology into their projects. The arsenal of mastered tools includes artificial intelligence, hybrid and cloud spheres, blockchain, and UX/UI design.

  1. Code Audit

To develop your business and compete in the market segment, a businessman should clearly understand a code base. The understanding of this sphere will help find out what needs to be improved and what is to be left, i.e. in what way to develop business. The company’s team is fully armed for a comprehensible and independent analysis of our code. As a result of the analysis, you’ll get a clear verdict on how to improve your code.

  1. IT Consulting

Regardless of whether you need a new code or want to improve an existing one, in any case, the team will do its best to minimize all the associated risks. When dealing with this purpose, the company does not just develop high-quality software for their needs but provides highly-effective solutions and helps design the project.

  1. Custom Software Development

Nowadays, there is no enterprise that can exist without software. Automation and computerization have rooted in absolutely all domains. Accounting logs, engineering programs… everything runs on software. Thus, Softjourn is the perfect choice for a company that needs unique and well-functioning software. Employees monitor the latest trends, master innovation, and use top technology to develop software. Ordering software development will allow a businessman to significantly save time and effort entrusting a responsible and difficult task to professional skilled employees. At the same time, the businessman can concentrate on other directions of business development or solving other tasks.

  1. Application Maintenance

Software maintenance is an important part of work. Softjourn doesn’t leave its clients upon meeting all the terms of cooperation. The team specializes in providing further assistance to make applications more cost-effective and achieve high performance. As a result of this continuous work, final users are satisfied with the product, which increases the level of company loyalty in their eyes.

  1. Research & Development

The modern IT sphere doesn’t standstill. Moreover, it develops at a high pace. Thus, customers need to upgrade their projects frequently to meet the requirements of the modern world. Softjourn embraces the best minds that improve their knowledge and expertise continuously. Employees master new techniques and innovation to provide customers with the best possible solutions.

Moreover, the company has its own R&D Centers where talented programmers develop brand new products. That is why Softjourn’s clients always get unique opportunities for their businesses.

  1.  Quality Assurance

One of the main principles of the company’s activity is to provide only tested and certified products. Softjourn’s management believes that analysis and testing are decisive steps of software development since a tiny bug may jeopardize user data or disrupt the entire system. Thus, the company never provides untested solutions. Although testing is tedious, this step must be performed painstakingly.

  1. Digital Product Design

The company’s software development team comprises experienced designers who easily embody clients’ ideas. Quite frequently, customers have a vision of a future solution in their minds. However, it is difficult for them to make thoughts tangible. Skilled designers easily convert ideas into real layouts and prototypes. They work closely with a client attentively listening to his/her desires and needs, create drafts, and give the result to developers. Ordering this service will allow you to implement your ideas more quickly and affordably.

  1. Discovery Phase

This service includes predicting how final clients will perceive your product. When analyzing your business, the company’s specialists try to assess the real influence of your products on consumers. This analysis allows creating a high-quality product with an intuitive design, which will be welcomed by customers. The team makes necessary adjustments so that the project will be more appealing and demanded among users.

  1. API development

APIs are essentially a set of rules. They can improve the internal development processes of an organization by standardizing how developers write application code. Using the same rules and formats makes the code more streamlined and transparent. Standardization also facilitates collaboration between developers when creating software components for API integration. Softjourn’s employees will show you how API can improve your business and simplify many operations.

  1. Mobile Development

Access to clients’ gadgets is a competitive advantage (or even a must) for modern businesses. Users have all they need in their smartphones. Mobile apps simplify experiences and make many tasks easier to do. Softjourn’s clients get the best possible solutions for their needs. Apps are developed in accordance with the needs and demands of a client. Developing an app for iOS and Android at once, the company allows reducing expenses. For businesses that target both operating systems, this is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. A satisfying mobile experience is achieved due to the development of UX design and delivering superior functionality.

  1. Web Development

The Internet has become a part of our everyday life. It opens new opportunities for business. Thus, almost every business is present on the Web somehow. From the moment of company establishment in 2001, it closely deals with all sorts of web developments. Softjourn’s portfolio embraces large web systems (such as complex Internet applications), social network services, and electronic businesses. A team of talented employees handles all tasks.

The range of provided services is truly large. The company will help you develop the right product and embody your ideas.

Models of Cooperation

If you want to build fruitful cooperation with Softjourn and order any of the above-mentioned services, the company offers three engagement models. Depending on your task and the final product, you can pick the following ways:

  • A dedicated team implies providing a client with a group of skilled employees who are well versed in the domain and have enough expertise to develop a high-quality product. This option is suitable for long-term cooperation and larger scope projects. Stick to this model if you have multiple tasks or don’t have a clear vision of project objectives.
  • “Fixed Bid” mode means that the company sets pricing for their services and provides clients with set tariffs. Thus, customers can assess how much money they will spend on their projects. If the scope of work is indefinite, the company can make an estimate for you. Upon agreeing on the price, specialists will start working on the project.
  • Time&Material implies paying for hours spent on the project. The company sets pricing for one hour of work. Depending on the number of hours, the final price is set.

Softjourn is the right solution for software development. It is a reliable company that hires only the brightest minds in the sphere of high-tech technology. Experienced employees tackle tasks of different levels of complexity, deal with a wide range of projects, and provide innovative solutions for your businesses.

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