Top 5 Bio-Supplements For Boost Brain Power While Studying

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A healthy lifestyle is in fashion today. Along with doing sports and keeping a proper diet, all kinds of bio-supplements are actively used not only by professional athletes but also by students who are interested in achieving high scientific results. Brain vitamins for studying were conceived as “helpers” to fill the shortage of those nutrients (vitamins, minerals, metabolites, amino acids, etc.), the amount of which is underweight in people’s daily diet.

Since the function of the central nervous system and the brain function are directly dependent on the composition and availability of such substances. The lack of amino acids or vitamins immediately affects a person’s ability to memorize new information and restore previous knowledge. The best supplements to improve memory are those that meet two conditions: 

  1. They contain brain-stimulating elements in a bioavailable combination. 
  2. They make up the shortage of brain food that is specific to a region or country. 

Let’s consider top-rated brain vitamins for college students and how they can improve brain activity.

Ginseng by Olimp Nutrition

Ginseng stimulates mental activity and conditioned reflex and reduces fatigue. If you take the right dosage, this supplement acts like adaptogenic allowing neurons to adapt more easily to stressful situations (for example, oxygen deprivation due to poor blood supply and microcirculation). Ginseng stimulates the nervous system, eliminating sleepiness and lethargy, gently affecting the central nervous system.

Ginkgo Biloba by Doctor’s Best

Leaf extract of the relict Ginkgo tree is contained in a number of dietary supplements with nootropic effect because organic substances with the complex molecular structure in its composition show the various impact on the brain. The nutritional function is the result of simplified glucose transport and oxygen to brain tissue. Ginkgo Biloba improves cerebral circulation, mental performance, memory, attention, and reduces meteorological sensitivity. That helps your brain work more actively and faster, so it allows you to study more productively without asking the Papercoach academic assistance.

Glycine by NOW

Glycine has a positive effect on the nervous system: helps to balance the processes of energization and inhibition in the cortex, increases mental performance, reduce irritability, and restores normal sleep. This supplement helps to improve the quality of sleep, relieves stressful conditions, reduces nervous overvoltage levels and sensitivity to pressure fluctuations, and helps to increase brain activity. The combination of glycine and B vitamins in one pill is necessary for our brain at increased mental and psycho-emotional strains.


This bio-supplement is helpful for those who have already got used to being tired and have no idea how to lead active and engaged life.  This drug is considered one of the best brain supplements and an ideal tonic for fatigue. DMG is a completely safe energy stimulant that helps you to stay active during the day. This bio-supplement improves the performance of the immune system and helps people who are suffering from a severe form of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

True Focus by NOW

True Focus is recommended for people who are engaged in intellectual activity, for students (especially during the exam period), and also during the stresses and emotional strains. It helps to increase concentration, improves performance in carrying out work tasks, improves memory, and makes it easier to remember new educational material. So, you will be concentrated on performing your multitasking activity and will be able to keep in mind that you need to do your homework on time instead of googling at the last minute, “Could I pay someone to do my assignment?” 

Although dietary supplements are considered harmless, you should consult a doctor before using them and always stick to the right dosage.

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