Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

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Technology is advancing day After day. There are many types of technology. These are used for medical services, entertainment purposes, the gaming industry, and in science. Biotechnology is one of the most popular branches of technology. Biotechnology is used in scientific processes.

 The manipulation of genes of different organisms for the production of hormones or antibiotics is known as biotechnology. The medicines for many diseases are made with the help of biotechnological processes. Biotechnology is based on biology. In biotechnological processes, the genes of different microorganisms and living organisms are manipulated. This technology has not only improved the health of people but has also decreased the death rate of the world.

Biotechnology is also used in agriculture fields to increase the yields of crops. The area of medicines is entirely dependent on biotechnology. Many industrial applications or processes such as fermentation oil spills and the production of biofuels are made by biotechnology.

The fact is their biotechnology is risky than other fields. Because the engineer cells may spread or divide on their own and cause many diseases. It is predicted that the was in the future will be biological wars done by biotechnology. Login sbobet is an excellent game to play the entertainment of genetic engineers.

Applications of biotechnology

There are many applications of biotechnology. The most popular advantages of genetic engineering are as follow:

  • In the field of medicines, biotechnology is used for the production of human growth insulin.
  • In industry, the application of biotechnology is that it is used for transforming microorganisms like yeast and bacteria. Many useful proteins are also introduced by using biotechnology.
  • Genetic engineering is also used in the production of antibiotics for different insects and various diseases.
  • The help of biotechnology also increases the yield of crops.

Risk of genetic engineering

Genetic engineering is one of the riskiest professions of all. It has not only putting human life on the threshold of destruction but also causing many environmental problems. The risk that genetic engineering includes the following:

  • Different issues are produced in the yield of crops. The health of people or at the waist due to the excessive use of genetic engineering in plants.
  • Different toxic materials are produced as a byproduct of genetic engineering. These toxics are spilled in the rivers, caused to the contamination and the destruction of sea life.
  • Different allergy is also caused by the food products formed by genetic engineering.

Thus, every good thing has some adverse effects. We can use genetic engineering and biotechnology very efficiently and more effectively by working hard. 

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