Amp-Up Your Productivity With Blue Light Filter Glasses Today!

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Blue light filter glasses are hardly ever seen in any productivity guru’s ‘top 5 productivity tools’. But guess what? They are quite a handy tool to boost your productivity. That too, effortlessly. After all, all you have to do is wear them, the same way you wear regular glasses. Don’t know how a pair of glasses can make you productive? Let us dive into this article to help you know.

Blue Light Filter Glasses

How blue light filter glasses make you productive

  1. Bye-bye eye strains and headaches

We don’t have to tell you how irritating eye strains and the consequent headaches can be. You know that already. And you also know how badly such things affect your daily life. You might have to miss a deadline or two because your headache isn’t letting you concentrate. Or if your eyes are screaming for rest.

A major reason for regular eye strains and the resulting headaches is blue light. This is that part of the visible light spectrum which has the highest energy. Hence, it is very easy for this light to damage the cells of our retina. It is the layer at the back of the eyeballs that sends signals to the brain about the image in front of you to see.

The damage to the retina not only causes strains but may also lead to diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, etc.

  1. No dry eye syndrome

Constant exposure to blue light is known to cause your eyes to dry. The lack of moisture can be irritating and thus become a distraction for you while working.

It can also cause a burning sensation in the eyes that might go sore and itchy. The overall irritation does not let you work with full productivity.

  1. Proper sleep

There is no doubt that proper sleep is a must if you want to be completely productive at work. Not only does it keep your brain sharp, but it is also a necessity for the body’s functions to happen with ease.

Blue light, however, is known to cause insomnia by hampering our sleep cycle. This happens because the body mistakes blue light to be daylight and does not produce the sleep hormone right on time every night. A result of your habits like scrolling through social media, watching Netflix, and working late at night for your hustle, this can lead to insomnia if it happens regularly.

To add to that, insomnia can further lead to depression if you take the stress of being productive without regular and healthy sleep.

This especially happens because the brain starts building up neurotoxins inside which can damage brain cells.

This damage will eventually be observed with symptoms like lack of concentration and mood disorders. Such things are certainly going to have a bad effect on your productivity.

The Productivity Tool of the Digital Era – Blue Light Filter Glasses

Blue Light Filter Glasses

With these glasses, you can block blue light and thus, every kind of damage it can do. Not only will you become more productive with them, but it will also save your eyes from terrible diseases. And maintain your sanity as well.

Specscart brings you blue light glasses with X-blue lenses made with the most advanced technology. These lenses are highly affordable and also come with free Anti-UV coating to save you from the sun. Plus, the lenses are loaded with anti-glare and scratch-resistant coatings for your comfort. So, you can buy prescription glasses online without any budget worries haunting you.

Also, because we want to make it super convenient for you, shipping is always free. Thus, we leave you no reason to not add the must-have digital blue light protection when you buy glasses online. Go choose your frames right away and bless yourself.

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