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Break Through 3 Common Link-Building Myths

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Link building plays a crucial role in digital success, whether you’re a relatively new blogger or a large online business. Unfortunately, even if you have years of experience, it’s a difficult function to execute correctly.

That’s because the standards are always changing and, worse yet, supposedly expert websites are littered with conflicting information. How is anybody supposed to navigate the process safely?

We can help you separate fact from fiction.

Myth #1: Content Is King

There’s a widespread misconception that the best way to drive link creation is by ensuring your own blog contains a wealth of quality information. There’s no denying this can boost your ranking on its own, but it’s not all that likely your blog links will find their way into another site’s content as an organic backlink with as much painless ease as some sources would have you think.

Reality #1: Outreach Rules

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the organic link building approach that so many sites promote is a reality: if you want to develop a strong backlink profile, you’re going to need to perform active outreach and find the right backlink placement opportunities.

This can be challenging; of course it requires that you generate quality content that hosts will want to have on their site, but outreach is going to get you further than just waiting around for organic backlinks to evolve.

Myth #2: Write Expert Roundups

Many supposed blogging experts suggest that you can get a lot of traction by creating and participating in expert roundups. It’s true that roundups are a good way to grab clicks.

But that being said, organizing a roundup takes a great deal of energy, especially if you’re regularly laboring to  put them together. Most entrepreneurs don’t have that kind of extra time on their hands.

Reality #2: Be an Expert for Better Writers

When journalists and other skilled writers are trying to source critical information for an article, one of the first places they turn is a platform known as HARO: Help A Researcher Out. Responding to HARO queries is a great way to build links on top sites and do so in authoritative ways.

On top of those benefits, it’s a much more effective use of your time to respond briefly to questions than to create an equivalent amount of quality content yourself.

Myth #3: Just Buy It

Although it’s true you can purchase backlinks to build your portfolio, this practice is frowned upon by search engines – and that’s not even the worst downside. Purchased backlinks are generally unpredictable and may easily disappear if the site owner decides they’re done maintaining the page or they degrade in authority.

Reality #3: Earn Your Way Up

Unlike purchased links placed on low-quality blog networks, earned links demand quality and typically increase in value and authority, which will benefit your brand. That’s because earned links land on sites that don’t only exist to generate income from businesses desperate for backlinks.

They’re legitimate sites with a purpose beyond serving as a content platform. Set your eyes on these types of sites and make an effort to aim for the big names.

Link building is designed to be challenging, if only because the effort involved in proper execution winnows down the competition and demonstrates who’s truly serious about their business. Giving in to anxiety over content development won’t help you to become successful.

Instead, embrace your knowledge of your niche and dig deep into best practices. Given sufficient time and effort, you have a good shot at accomplishing your goals.

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