Solid Invest Review: Why You Need This Broker for Trading

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A cryptocurrency broker can make several differences in your career as any broker would tell you. You are going to get bankrupt in you start your trading career with a but if you choose the right and a good broker you can step up your level of crypto trading and it will allow you to earn a lot of money and he is going to provide you a good strategy.

With a cryptocurrency trading if you are being a lucrative market that wants to see the major growth, several businesses are claiming that they are right for the new traders. This has led to many people having been scammed. That is the reason why it is important to see which firms are not safe and which ones are safe. Also visit tezbox fundraiser wallet to read more.

These problems do not exist in case of Solid Invest if you are a newbie you probably have many questions. By the end if this Solid Invest review you are going to be sure that what step you should take next and can you trust these broker or not with your money.                              

Solid Invest Trading Platform

The broker that I personally recommend is the one that includes a web trading platform. The problem with some brokers is that they offer you software that you have to download and then you can start trading. However, these software can sometimes affect the performance of your computer, and bound you with a single device. Whereas, if you are trading with a broker that enable you to trade with a web based trading platform you can login to your account through any device. All you need is the internet and any web browser.

Deposit/Withdraw Methods and Fees

The trader can only deposit the money by debit card and the credit card. It has a minimum requirement for depositing the money which is very reasonable. You can open your account on the base of these 3 currencies: EUR, GBP and USD while you are signing up.

According to the terms and condition the process of withdrawal can take up to 24 hours. According to the policy of refund and return it says that the process can take up to 7 to 14 days. The ways that you can withdraw through are wire transfer, e wallet, debit card and through debit card. They are limited only once in the method of depositing. For the illicit broker it is really common to have an inconsistence payment method. We couldn’t get a withdrawal amount of minimum that we had to deposit beforehand as we have stated several times before those never deposit your money in an unregulated broker.

Security Policies and Measures

In online trading security is not the thing to mess with especially in the case of trading of cryptocurrency. There has been many cases in which entire exchange of people have been hacked and several people have lost their cryptocurrency and there information was also stolen. That’s why no people feel hesitant while giving their personal information while signing up with a broker. In order to not make your customer stressed out in peace and make them live in peace the Solid Invest has given a top notch measures of security and security of policy. Let’s take a look at them.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Policy

The exterior gate company is very against the money laundering and the joint of money laundering the group in the UK for the purpose of preventing it. Think how did they do it? There are many procedures that involve life not allowing any third party transaction and keeping the record of identity of all traders. If they see any suspicious activity they are going to close it and they are always going to ask the client for their verification of Identity. The proof of identities and doing the cross check of names of client is against the any terrorist suspect.

Customer Support Department

Solid Invest wants to achieve a 100% of the satisfaction of their customer because they want to satisfy them and this cannot be done without the support and assistance. And you will discover many responsive brokers and the broker data from to their customer support to its client. You can also get in touch with your broker by the email or phone call which is provided on their home page. The brokers in Solid Invest are quite friendly and they are going to help you 24/7.


There are several perks that are really enjoyed by a trader and that is why they choose the option of Solid Invest for the crypto trading. The things that the cryptocurrency is offering can drag any customer into the business of it. The broker is going to provide you a smooth and really profitable journey and they will do an excellent job providing the customer with a good career.

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