A One Stop Guide to Building And Car Wraps

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Our company employs experts who have in-depth knowledge of outdoor media. We create self-adhesive vinyl graphics that can be applied to windows, floors and walls. We can even create solutions that will wrap and entire building for maximum marketing and messaging impact. We specialize in working in confined spaces to bring bold and effective marketing solutions to stunning, vibrant life. 

Why expose your building project to the public when you can bring home an appropriate message with a building wrap? You may prefer to cover only the fascia or a part of the building, but whatever the choice, digital banner building wraps are eye-catching and effective ways to use both graphics and copy.

Your business can choose from among three different types of building wrap:

Wire-frame systems.

Extended scaffolding systems.

Or the time-proven and effective vinyl building wraps.

The large format digital printing allows a company to cover unappealing building projects and can even improve the safety of any building project. The large format of outdoor advertising is an incredibly effective way to convey a message. This sort of advertising is extremely difficult for passers-by to ignore – and if executed correctly can also appeal to passing motorists. The sheer size of the building wrap means that it simply outperforms similar outdoor solutions such as hoardings.   

Imagegroup offers a one-stop shop when it comes to building wrapping. The result is a project that is handled from a survey of the property to the final completion of that perfect building wrap. We will assist with tasks such as wrapping the building as well. If you are interested in the advantages of building swapping then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. The building wrap that is right for your needs will be designed to your exact specifications. Using state-of-the-art digital printing techniques, our team will ensure that the result is a high-impact outdoor screen. The building wraps have been designed for use in sensitive sites and for attachment to scaffolding. The popularity of building wraps can be seen at multiple sites in any city – and these give a good idea of the effectiveness of the approach.

Most building wraps are made from flexible materials, including PVC mesh, making them highly weather-resistant, including standing up to strong winds. They are used in industries across the board and many are in use in shopping malls. 

Our operations span the nation – and we pride ourselves on a professional approach.

Building wraps and scaffold advertising are much more than simple functional options. They are high-impact marketing tools. A decorative wrap can be an expression of creativity and effectively convey messages. They are simply among the most visible and effective marketing tools available to companies operating in a variety of industries. They serve to disguise work in progress and advertise project details. Car wrapping in Dublin is also a popular way to get your brand in front of a high volume of customers. 

We are here to help.

Leave the details to the professionals. We have experienced project managers who will ensure the success of your wrap project, from beginning to end. They will update you about progress and act as your point of contact. We pride ourselves on customer service and will be with you at every stage involved in the successful completion of your building wrap project. The project manager will ensure compliance with all requirements and arrange for ongoing site inspections. The delivery of media to the site and design will be handled in-house.

We take the stress out of building wraps – all you have to do is sign off on the fully installed, finished product.    

We have built a reputation for providing seamless delivery. Years of experience mean that we are uniquely positioned as one of the UK leaders in the wrap business. Our many clients rely on us to deliver on time and on budget – each and every time, no matter the scale and complexities of the project.

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