Can You Get Good Results From Adding CBD to Your Food?

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Can you put CBD oil in food? Most of us are already familiar with the tasty CBD lollipops and edibles that can be easily purchased. These products are undoubtedly very useful for enjoying CBD in a palatable way that doesn’t require any preparation. Of course, many people are searching for additional ways to take CBD oil in light of the fact that research is showing it to be an effective tool for managing anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and seizures.

Can you cook with CBD oil? CBD meal prep is actually a popular trend. In fact, people are whipping up everything from cookies to pizza with CBD. Let’s discuss the art of bringing CBD to your plate.

Why Try to Add CBD to Your Food?

Yes, there are many ways that you can take CBD oil. This includes edibles, capsules and pills. However, many people find that they get better results when using oils and tinctures. The main reason is because this delivery method for CBD oil makes it easy to customize your dosage. What’s more, adding CBD oil to your food is a convenient, enjoyable way to get your dosage. Another benefit is that the flavor of CBD oil will essentially disappear into the flavor of whatever dish you’re making.

Cooking With CBD

CBD oil can be added to your favorite dishes, desserts, smoothies and more. You have a lot of room for creativity when it comes to whipping up CBD-infused meals and snacks. However, you may find that you’re more successful when adding CBD to certain types of foods. It’s actually possible to “mask” the slight bitterness of CBD oil using both savory and sweet recipes. Here’s a list of foods that often deliver good results with CBD oil:

  • Pizza
  • Soups
  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Smoothies
  • Energy balls and bars
  • Salad dressings/balsamic vinaigrette
  • Marinades/sauces
  • Guacamole
  • Pizza
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Muffins
  • Banana bread

Any cake-like dessert or breakfast food is a good fit for CBD because you can easily mix your oil into the batter evenly before baking. In fact, you’re going to want to stir in your CBD oil as evenly as possible during preparation to create uniform potency throughout every bite! Next, we’ll discuss some of the tips and tricks to ensure the best results when cooking and baking with CBD oil.

Tips for Using CBD in Food

It’s important to remember that CBD isn’t interchangeable with popular cooking oils. The unique properties of CBD make it necessary to be vigilant about things like temperature and food storage. Take a look at some tips for cooking and baking with CBD.

Watch the Temperature

Temperature is such an important factor when we’re talking about cooking with CBD oil. The truth is that CBD’s effectiveness is actually impacted by temperature. It’s known that warmer temperatures increase the effectiveness of CBD. A balancing act is needed during the cooking process because we also know that very high temperatures can kill off some of CBD’s active components. Unfortunately, exposing CBD to high heat can cause its therapeutic benefits to diminish. There’s also the issue of high temperatures bringing out the bitterness in CBD oil.

Never apply direct heat when cooking or baking with CBD oil. That means that your oil should never be placed directly in a pan or oven unless it is part of a mixture. You’ll need to keep temperatures below 320 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent CBD evaporation. That means that you may need to be patient about allowing your food to cook for slightly longer than usual.

CBD typically mixes nicely with batter. However, you may need to use it as a drizzle toward the end of the cooking process for some dishes. Drizzling CBD oil over things like eggs and pizza once they are already cooked is a good strategy for shielding your CBD from high temperatures. Keep in mind that actually baking your CBD oil into a dish is preferred over drizzling if you can avoid direct heat.

Control Your Dose

Proper measurements are important for any type of recipe. The same goes when CBD is an ingredient. You may already have a good picture of your proper CBD dose if you’ve been using oil for a while. You can continue to use that dosage when adding CBD to food. You’ll also need to measure out your CBD oil based on servings when making something like a batch of brownies or loaf of banana bread. If you’re using CBD oil for the first time, start with the lowest dose possible in your recipe.

Store CBD in a Proper Way

It’s important to store food you’ve made using CBD properly if you’ve prepared more than one serving. CBD oil is very sensitive to light. Be sure to store your CBD food in a cool, dark spot to preserve flavor and potency.

Add CBD to Oils and Fats

One of the secrets for how to mix CBD oil with food successfully is to add fats. CBD oil actually binds with fat quite nicely to increase its bioavailability. It’s recommended that you use oil-based agents like coconut oil or butter to really draw out the benefits of CBD in the recipe you’re making.

Start Using CBD Oil for Cooking

Cooking with CBD oil is a fun, easy way to unlock the benefits of this health resource. CBD food products simply offer a very palatable way to look after your physical and mental health without resorting to prescription medications. What recipe will you try first?

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