The 2022 Updated Guide to the Best Career Choices in India

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Students generally after completing their formal study courses like computer science engineering courses, try to pursue different career opportunities in India. Everybody has their targets to go but opting for a safe, secure, and stable job has always remained their first priority, especially for the freshers. There are certain factors that are to be kept in mind while pursuing the right career :

1.       Salary earned pursuing that career.

2.       Growth one undergoes there.

3.       Security provided by the organization.

4.       Scopes and opportunities provided by that career.

5.       Job Satisfaction of that career.

Here are some career options provided in India :

·       Data Science :

If you are still asking what a data science course, it is a systematic process that involves gathering structured as well as unstructured data and finally getting re-processed to make it collect important information and metrics, make it suitable for algorithms, and also for predictions and so on. This career option provides a wide range of career options in the future hence they are ranked first in career choice.

Data Science is further divided into three parts :

1. Data mining :

A data miner has to gather data from a wide collection of structured and unstructured data. One has to extract necessary data internally or externally and offer a final format to get it readable.

2. Data Analyst :

The Data miner provides the data to the Data Analyst team and they thoroughly re-check and analyze the accuracy of the given data. They come up with new and innovative ways to make further processing.

3. Machine Learning Engineers :

They use the finally processed data, that is re-checked by the Data Analyst to decide the results and the future steps that are to be taken by the organization.

· Digital Marketing :

Digital Marketing is an important element that is essential in a company to stand out from the competition in the market. More the brand looks better the sales are also promoted higher. They promote the products through different business strategies and policies, therefore all the major product brands go for this.

Career options in Digital Marketing :

1.       Content Marketing.

2.       Marketing for Mobile.

3.       Social Media Marketing.

4.       Paid Search Marketing.

5.       Automation of Market.

· Product Management :

In Product Management, a Product Manager drives different teams who are engaged in the formation of the best products. In the 2000s the large companies like Google, Facebook, etc. started to expand their product marketing, and during that time the value of the Product Manager role. The lookup on the various aspects of the Product development from different aspects and they suggest different ways to optimize the product for its effective functioning. 

Whatever the career options are available in India or worldwide, students need basic skills and knowledge to pursue any career. With the evolution of present times skills development has become one of the basic criteria for any career choice. One has to have career and job skills along with employability skills for his/her effective and flawless functioning in any organization. And at times students prefer to choose other career choices than following the academic courses. And for them specifically, these are the best paths to go ahead as it provides wide choices and helps to settle with secured and improved job offerings.

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