Different Types of Cars List for the Global Market

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Sales have been booming for the global car market, but Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche says he now expects the yearly growth for the automotive industry to be placed around 3%. Although, as a whole, the representative of this largely famous German car manufacturer estimated that the market would see 5% growth, now he claims that the demand for cars has decreased slightly and Ukraine is responsible for the current crisis in Russia.

We give a brief yet accurate to better understand the characteristics and features of different types of cars. Which can help any aspiring car buyer make a satisfying choice?


The automobile can be categorized by several criteria: size, weight, power, and economy. Other than that, people can choose between cars of different brands depending on the country in which it is made, on the history of the producer, or on which type of vehicle the manufacturer is specialized in developing. car sell zone

The general ranking in the car market today is usually one that depends on the size and shape of the automobile. Since smaller vehicles are known to have a higher fuel economy, so with those people we will begin our presentation.


Microcars are the smallest in the word that can be placed anywhere between a motorcycle and a car, Especially because they have low capacity engines. Microcars come in different variants – buyers can choose from classic internal combustion, electric and hybrid engines. This type of vehicle was widely popular after the second world war in Europe, going under the name of “bubble cars”.  The most recent example of this class is the Nana Tata, also known as the inexpensive car in the world.

As their name proposes, the main characteristic of this type of car consists of the rearward door swinging upward. The hatchback class is chiefly combined of little-sized vehicles, such as the ultracompact, the city car, the sub-compact, the clayey, the mid-size and the hot-hatch.

Sedans are slightly larger, which is why they are categorized into the following models: Middle-size, clayey enforcement, full size, executive, full-size luxury, and sports sedan.

Yet some other add-ons to this list of cars are station wagons. These are essentially a combination of sedans and hatchbacks. Station wagons have become less popular during the last years, which is why manufacturers aren’t particularly focused on developing them.

Sports Cars

Sports Cars and expansive tourers are largely known for their velocity and design. They come in all forms and sizes: supercars, muscle cars, pony cars, you name it. near link sell my car in Dubai 


Convertibles, also known as cabriolets and roadsters, also notable because they are extremely popular during the summer, almost all cars makers in the world have at least one convertible in the market. Youngsters from all over the world dream of owning one roadster at a point in their lives.

Off-roaders are predominantly related to sport utility vehicles and crossover SUVs. Examples: Nissan Rogue and Opel Meriva.

Minivans, Vans, Minibuses and RVs

Minivans, Vans, Minibuses, and RVs are a class of vehicles best-known for their big size and their quality of transporting both people and goods. Examples: Minivans: Opel Meriva, Nissan Note, Opel Zafira Tourer and Mazda5; Vans: Volkswagen Transporter, Mer

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