How CBD Gummies and Other Products Can Help You Determine the Right Dose of CBD Oil for you

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So many people are curious about CBD oil and the many health benefits it offers to users. But many people are unsure how to answer some basic questions about CBD oil and how they can best utilize it.

This article will explain the best way to determine the right amount of CBD oil you should use to get the health benefits you desire. Look over here for more information on CBD gummies.

CBD Oil Guide: Dosage Instructions

There is no direct and absolute way to definitively state what does of CBD oil you should be taking. Each individual’s body has a different reaction to taking CBD oil. So, you will need to make some adjustments to account for your own body chemistry and how your body responds to the product.

Still, there are some basic guidelines that you can use to get you started and help you determine where you should begin.

1. Determine How Potent Your CBD Oil Product Is

If you are taking a CBD oil tincture, your product will usually come with a dropper. Each dropper contains approximately one mL of CBD oil when full. That equals approximately 20 drops although the numbers may vary slightly between products so you may wish to count the drops the first time you use the product.

Then it becomes a question of doing the math to determine how much CBD oil you’re getting in each dose. So, if you have a 250 mg tincture in a 30mL bottle, we calculate that one mL will contain roughly eight mg CBD.

But if you have an ounce of a 500 mg bottle, that would contain approximately 16.6 mg of CBD per one mL while a 1000 mg tincture would contain about 33 mg of CBD in one mL.

Once you know these numbers, you can easily determine how much CBD oil you’re getting in a dropper full of your product and how strong that product will be.

CBD OilEffects Everyone Differently

Our bodies are all different and they respond to all medications in a slightly different manner. That is true of even the most basic medications such as aspirin.

As a result, the ideal CBD dosage is going to be varyfrom person to person. There are several factors that help influence the way CBD affects your body. They include:

1. Genetic Predispositions

These vary by individual. If your parents or siblings react a certain way to CBD oil products, you may have a similar predisposition.

2. Tolerance

When people use specific substances repeatedly, their body adjusts to it and they can require more of that substance to get the same response from their body. This is called tolerance. That means that first-time users and regular users may require different doses to get the same results.

3. Metabolism

Metabolism measures how quickly your body is functioning including how quickly it removes substances from the bloodstream and the body. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle usually have a slower metabolism than people who are extremely active.

4. Gender

CBD oil tends to effect women more than it does men, although this is a general guideline rather than a hard and fast rule. Still, this is a factor to take into consideration.

5. Overall Health

People with chronic conditions or poor overall health may respond differently to CBD oil than people who are generally in good health.

6. Age

 This is related to several of the other factors we have discussed. Older people tend to have slower metabolisms than younger people and are more likely to have chronic medical conditions.

These factors will all help you determine where you should start when figuring out your ideal CBD oil dosage.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil vs. CBD Isolate and How This Affects Dosage

Some CBD oil products are labeled as CBD isolate while others are labeled as full spectrum CBD extract. Understanding the difference is another factor to help you determine which products will work better for you and how much of it to use.

1. Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is the same concentrations of cannabinoids found in the original plant. Both hemp and marijuana plants contain more than 110 cannabinoids and other compounds like trichomes, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals.

Broad-spectrum CBD extracts typically also contain the following:

  • Vitamins E, A, and C,
  • Zinc and phosphorus
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Magnesium and potassium
  • Iron and calcium

Several studies have found that broad-spectrum CBD oil, like what Penguin CBD offers, is more effective than CBD isolate because of the entourage effect. That is because many of the compounds found in CBD oil have the ability to enhance the effect of other compounds, thereby making the whole effect greater than it would have been had each element been used individually.

2. CBD Isolate

A CBD isolate is 99 percent pure CBD, with no other cannabinoids, no terpenes, flavonoids, and extra compounds – just straight Cannabidiol.

Since CBD isolate is missing so many other ingredients, you may be thinking it would be inferior to full-spectrum CBD extracts. Still, there are many people out there who actually prefer CBD isolates over full-spectrum extracts.

Here are Four reasons why people may prefer a CBD isolate:

  • You can precisely control the concentration of CBD in isolates
  • Isolates contain higher amounts of CBD per dose
  • A CBD isolate is completely THC-free (full-spectrum extracts contain < .03%)
  • They are taste and odor-free; you can add CBD isolate to an edible product and use the benefits of Cannabidiol without feeling the distinct earthy taste of CBD oil.

Bottom Line

This information should help give you a basic idea of how to figure out the correct dose and correct type of CBD oil you wish to use.

This can help you join the millions of people who are already discovering the many benefits that CBD oil adds to their lives. Human beings have used CBD oil for its many beneficial properties for thousands of years, but only recently has modern science opened up to the full possibility of what this beneficial compound can do.

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