CBD Pre Rolls vs DIY Joints – Which One Is Better?

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We are now living in a world where convenience is the answer to some things. There has been a massive change since then that gave easy access to everything on earth for people. Infrastructures such as highways, roads, high-tech transportations are built so life is made easier and everyone can do things faster and efficiently. Unfortunately, we are not here to talk about transportation but we will talk about CBD pre-roll joints!

What’s Inside A Pre-Roll?

A pre-roll is mostly made out of flowers from a cannabis plant. Check this out:

To discuss in an orderly manner, here is a quick point about CBD and its subordinate, THC.

  • Cannabidiol – is a non-psychoactive compound that boosts up certain health conditions that a person may acquire. There are results shown about cannabidiol that it can be a big breakthrough in the medical field because of its properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and antioxidants that could help ease chronic pain and other diseases.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol – is another compound found in cannabis plants that produce psychoactive properties.  It can be harmful to the health of the consumer because it could bring out euphoric feelings or hyperactive energy when consumed. It may also cause addiction if used constantly without restrictions on one’s intake.  

Pre-rolls as a Convenient Option

As we are talking above, convenience will always be the key to everything. Sometimes, you’ll find it hard to do your joints, especially when you are too excited to consume them or you’re not acing the way it is rolled properly.

Many companies offer CBD pre-roll flowers that you can buy either online or in a physical market. You may go to this link to find some great selections of CBD pre-roll flowers that are sold in the market – of course, you can always check out other sources! Just remember that there are some important things you should know when purchasing the product because every pre-rolls vary on their strain selections, cannabinoid levels, overall quality, and prices.

  • Consider the price and weight – When buying CBD joints the price will correspond to the weight of the product. Why?  We could not deny that the production of these kinds of products is sealing costly. Thus, pre-rolls made with good or high-quality flowers will not be cheap rather will cost at a fair price. Know that pre-rolls that have a higher weight will probably cost a lot more.
  • Look for the shop’s credibility – Bear in mind that you are not only looking for a good quality pre-roll but also finding a trustable shop where you can purchase this kind of product. The contained ingredients should not contain artificial flavors nor colors, GMO’s, hormones, and gluten. Plus, there should be approved seals marking that’s labeled the third party tested, organic hemp, and should indicate that it only contains not more than 0.3% of THC.

Do-It-Yourself Thoughts

You can always unleash your creativity in many ways. I want to consume your joints through hard work, there will always be away. Convenience is for people who want it most and learning how to do it on your own will make you feel more satisfied. Here are some tips on how you can do your flower joint.  

  • Make the flowers fine – a fine joint doesn’t mean a pulverized flower. Nobody uses pulverized flowers and that is for sure.
  • Put it in a nice shape – the shape determines whether you distributed the flowers properly.
  • Put a filter if you like – joints usually don’t have filters or roach like the ones in a tobacco cigarette stick. But it’s your artwork anyway.
  • Roll it – always remember to roll it gently so it would mess up.
  • Seal – like wrapped food, you should roll it not up to the tip of the paper. Make sure to leave even just a small space where you can glue it to be sealed.
  • Smoke the blunt – make sure it’s not loose or else it will burn fast or it might taste rough. 

Overall Thoughts 

Well, it’s always up to you if you want to smoke with a D.I.Y joint or with a pre-rolled. After all, you are the end consumer of these goodies. But for people who love to be efficient, then a CBD pre-roll joint will do the trick.

It is not just easy to smoke but it is already enriched with ingredients proportionally. Plus, you can choose the weight of the joint according to your liking. Enjoy and remember to smoke those joints moderately!

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