What is CBD? CBD products and their benefits

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Do CBD products get you high? What are CBD actual benefits? Will it show up on a drug test? Of course, but isn’t cannabis illegal? We’ll clarify a few questions about this product as we go along in the article.

The sale of CBD online has grown exponentially in recent years, and more is bought online than in physical stores. The therapeutic and medicinal uses provided by the CBD compound have popularized this product, which has become the most active wellness product of the moment.

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Good to know:

The first thing to understand is the difference between CBD and THC, the main active compounds in marijuana. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a part of the cannabis plant that does not contain any addictive substances. On the other hand, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the psychoactive effects of this plant.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the 100 chemical compounds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, popularly known as marijuana or hemp. It is a natural substance used in products such as oils and foodstuffs to achieve a feeling of relaxation and calm.

Therefore, CBD does not have effects such as euphoria, so you will not feel sedated or altered. However, you never know how your body reacts to a supplement, so proceed with caution.

Concerning CBD, you will have heard terms like hemp and marijuana. Both are two species of Cannabis Sativa, and both contain cannabidiol – contained in a higher percentage in hemp, which also has a very low level of THC, less than 0.3%.

According to the World Health Organization, “CBD does not present effects indicative of potential abuse or dependence… In addition, there is no evidence of public health problems associated with the use of pure CBD”.

Main CBD Products

Many products are made with the CBD compound and new ways to consume it emerge every time, from gummies to suppositories.

Let’s see some of the best knowns.

  • CBD oils: without any doubt, it has been the most common way of consuming CBD. They are used, above all, to help against stress and anxiety and for migraines, inflammation, and chronic pain.
  • CBD buds: CBD flowers are probably the most natural way to consume this product. These flowers can be consumed in different ways, such as in vaporizers. They can also be smoked or cooked.
  • CBD Hash: this hashish is legal as it has a high concentration of CBD, maintaining the flavor and aroma, and an amount of THC less than 0.2%.
  • CBD oil capsules: extracted from selected plants, their flavor is natural, and they come in the form of capsules to dissolve under the tongue.
  • Creams and lotions do not penetrate the blood: their effects are limited to the application area.

The ideal is always to start with low doses to determine tolerance to CBD.

What are the benefits of CBD products?

According to a study conducted in the United States, 60% of CBD users take it to combat anxiety. Chronic pain, insomnia, or depression follow.

Still, everything is under study. For example, it has being tested to relieve cancer-related symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or pain.

Also, to benefit people with neurological disorders, researchers think that CBD may act on the endocannabinoid system and other brain signaling systems. One of the most studied uses of CBD is the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, with promising results.

Recent research has linked CBD to be able to lower high blood pressure due to CBD stress- and anxiety-reducing properties.

There are numerous investigations with animals to prove the beneficial effects of CBD on our health.

  • Antipsychotics: research suggests that it can reduce psychotic symptoms so that it could help people with schizophrenia and other mental disorders.
  • Substance abuse treatment: ​​CBD modifies brain circuitry related to drug addiction.
  • Antitumor: it is being investigated if it can benefit the propagation of different types of cancer such as prostate, colon, lung, or breast cancer.
  • Diabetes: very positive results with diabetic mice where it reduced inflammation and the incidence of diabetes by a very high percentage.

More human studies are needed to prove all of these claims. Still, research into the potential health benefits of CBD products is expanding, so new therapeutic uses for this natural remedy will indeed be tested and discovered.

Is CBD legal?

Of course. It is legal in almost every State in the world. In fact, in 2019, Trump signed a new Farm Bill that legalized hemp cultivation at the federal level.

The European Union is regulated by Regulation (EU) n. 1308/2013. The law allows its commercialization as long as the percentage of THC is less than 0.2%.

Besides, Europe offers the best CBD products as the controls and certifications there are the strictest, CDB is quality and trade is highly regulated.

Although, in the US, we can now order some of the best CBD flowers and oils from the best online CBD company at … so, what are you waiting for?

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