Choose Biz Opps Wisely: Tips to Follow

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Biz Opps, short for business opportunities as you can probably guess, has been around for a while under different identities and is an inexhaustible source of affiliate profits.

The Basics

We’ll get right into what it is and how it is different from other affiliations, but let’s start off with why it is crucial. Making money online is an alluring method of livelihood, and astonishingly, a few google searches can reveal so many different opportunities if you know where to look and are careful enough not to take everything at face value. You can take your pick from different training/courses, reselling products/services, and different work-at-home programs, etc.

It is safe to assume you are new to this, which is probably why this article caught your attention. If you are worried about how to approach a new method of earning a livelihood, then you should start off with researching a lot more and possibly taking help from mentors. The Legendary marketer would be a fantastic resource for you to invest in, and there are similar options available online as well.

One thing you should know is this is not a gamble; it is a combination of tried and tested methods of marketers who have been in this business for a long time, and you, too, can earn a lot of money if you know how to.

Is Biz Opps Similar to a Franchise?

One thing I’d like to mention is that a Biz Opps is very different from being part of a franchise, which is a concerted effort to ensure all of the activities are replicated and follow the exact same protocol. In a Biz Opp, there is no need for maintaining a common brand identity, which gives you a lot of freedom. You don’t have to provide royalty fees to franchisers, but you typically also get no dedicated support in Biz Opps.

One more thing before we go into it, and it is an extension of the question earlier posed- why do this? You’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities online, but you should not skip the research just because you thought it was a good deal. Investing in a model that would be cheaper/free elsewhere might not be the best move as it might have limitations to sustain the cost. So, research is critical.

With the basics covered, now let’s get to the point. I’ll be listing down what to do and what not to do in detail-

Choose the Right Biz Opp Offer

The first thing to do while choosing a Biz Opp is outweighing the conversions from investment. Maybe financial hardship in the short term is expected because of setup fees, but you need to ensure other considerable marketing forms are available. You need to be aware of hidden costs or other conditions. If the offer is right, paying a subscription fee makes sense. 

But then again, you need to make sure this is the best option out there. Other platforms are likely to offer the same for lower fees.

Focus Not Only on GEO with Highest CPA

The first thing you have to make sure of is that the GEO you target has local sales support. Without local sales support, leads will die off because they won’t be contacted on time. There are several tiers based on lots of criteria, and tier 1 countries have higher CPAs. Impressive ROIs will not only come from tier 1 countries. There have been plenty of examples, which witnessed a healthy conversion from other tiers too. The CPA is equally important because you don’t get very little against the commissions you earn.

First Impression Matters

Application forms on the landing page should be simple enough. To get in touch with them, an email address and a phone number are more than enough. Do not overcrowd your landing page because clutter will turn a lot of potential clients away.

Don’t Be Too Good to Be True

Try to appear relatable. Recheck your pre-landing and landing pages. Don’t promise too much. Otherwise, the risk would seem much higher to the customers. Because often, if a Biz Opp looks too good to be true- it probably is. They should resemble real people from our everyday life. If you feel a Biz Opp is too good to be true, try carrying out research to see what other people really think of it.  

Target Audience Needs to Be Chosen Carefully

Depending on your chosen GEO, you need to pay close attention to the demographic trend from there. Usually, Biz Opp offers to tend to work best for women in their 30’s. You also need to think about who has money to invest and are willing to take the risk- they are also your potential market. Young investors or entrepreneurs with a knack for more investments are your potential customers.

Campaign Scheduling Is Crucial

To stay relevant and appeal to your customer, monitor trends in the vertical. Learning from these trends will help you pick a hot topic, and you should tailor your campaign accordingly. You also need to make sure your campaign schedules are aligned with the local team. Otherwise, it is wiser to turn them off when the team is away. 

The Creatives Must Be Localized

A potential customer should never be turned away because of the unfamiliar feeling on the landing page. From the language to the currency, everything should be localized. That is the very first step because you don’t want to kill a conversation even before it is started. Try picking local patterns to appeal to the customers’ tastes. Use relevant text, and choose a design that hits them right where you want it to. The aesthetics can go a long way without the customers realizing why they are so attracted to a particular thing.

Beware of Scams!

As you probably would have guessed- a lot of scammers are out there with flashy creatives and no potential at all. They will try their best to lure you in and make you invest money with no gains at all. Do your due research to identify the risks.


Have fun out there. Try not to be overwhelmed by the thousand different options that have been laid in front of you. Often, following the trend might sound so good, you might ignore some practical implications. You should know how much you should be willing to invest or get out of this, and whether you want to pursue this full time or you’re just trying to keep this as a hobby. 

Now, go make some big bucks!

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