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In our world of modern digital technologies, many ordinary people still do not understand the term Internet of Things or interpret it incorrectly. Consumer IoT, first of all, is the people themselves and business participants. With the latest technology and fast information transfer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can easily manage your business, track shipments, workflows, office and meeting room occupancy, and home appliances, as well as manage city lighting and environmentally friendly transport in megacities. All this became possible thanks to IoT, and each customer can choose this technology, as well as order the development of an individual application for subsequent reading of data, as well as their processing and transfer to mobile devices using a simple PC or any mobile gadget.

What are the categories of Consumer IoT?

When contacting our company, our specialists are ready to take into account the wishes of each potential customer, regardless of the scope of his activities. Consumer IoT allows you to integrate special sensors, and provide data transmission and processing to the following categories of actuators for various types of objects:

1.  One of the most common solutions for using IW for domestic purposes is to equip a smart home system:

· Lighting control.

· Monitoring the operation of household appliances, heating boilers, boilers, refrigerators, washing machines, or dishwashers.

· Accounting for electricity consumption with the achievement of savings.

· providing video surveillance with automatic activation from a motion sensor, with the possibility of recording or photographing.

· Ensuring the safety of residents by locking or opening doors and windows.

· Constant communication with emergency services – ambulance or police via the Internet data channel.

· Timely notification of a fire or other problems.

2.  The second important task of the consumer Internet of things is the adaptation of software to expand the scope of use of program code in order to improve the operation and functionality of simple household appliances, as well as electronics, which ordinary people always use for personal purposes:

· Using smartwatches.

· Adaptation of IV for pedometers and other electronic devices for fitness.

· GPS smart collars for animals, with feedback function.

· Car navigators.

· Portable music players.

· Any other gadgets that are always near the owner or are carried in a bag.

3.  A certain category of the population has a dysfunction of the body, namely, they have problems with the heart or hearing, which forces them to wear pacemakers, hearing aids, and other advances in medical technology. Such devices also often work using IoT technology:

· Pacemakers are needed to keep the heart muscle working properly.

· Hearing aids that automatically adapt to the needs of the wearer.

· HMD devices efficiently analyze human activity data and transmit this information to a PC or mobile device.

· Other wearable gadgets are used for medical or laboratory purposes.

4.  Over the past decades, remote access and the ability to remotely control various electronic devices in the house or on the street have become increasingly important in the world of modern technology. Previously, such problems were solved by the organization of a single control center, but today the need for such difficulties has disappeared. since each business participant can control assets or processes using Internet access and a mobile device from anywhere in the world.

The above lists only the main areas of use of adapted IoT technology exclusively for domestic purposes. However, we should not forget about business, the organization of office space, logistics, warehousing, accounting, as well as about the activities of large industrial enterprises. Automation of the production process today is practically impossible without technologies such as the Internet of Things, which greatly enhances control over every branch of business or human activity.

A case study and problem solving when creating a consumer Internet of things

Our company is approached by a customer who has his own business for the production of electronic control units for the needs of mechanical engineering. He needs to ensure the control and tracking of products with the installation of active tags and actuators on various PCs.

The most important task was to create not just targeted system management, but also provide the ability to connect third-party users through cloud storage after entering identification data. We were able to offer the customer the best solution to his problem.

A completely custom IoT platform was created with the ability to remotely track products and other company activities, as well as ensure the connection of new operators when scaling the system. Among other things, the technology also works with the use of an API function.

Considering that the client had only one thesis, and there were no terms of reference, we started with an analysis of his activities and brainstorming. As a result, we drew up a detailed work schedule, taking into account all the wishes of the customer, and agreed with him on each item.

We immediately offered the customer the optimization of investments by installing the AWS Fargate module, which effectively ensures system scalability as the business develops. The software infrastructure was built on the basis of the latest CloudFormation technology, which allows storing data on a remote server.

After development, we emulated the activity of the client’s production process and tested the system’s operability. The result exceeded all expectations.

The platform has been designed to adapt to both PC and all types of mobile devices. The system interface turned out to be very simple, and, for use, no special knowledge or experience is required.

The resulting intellectual product made it possible to read information from receiving devices, process all data, signal errors, and violations, and also transmit the necessary set of commands over a distance, to recipients who had previously registered in the application.

What are the main advantages of consumer IoT?

The consumer Internet of Things is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers around the world, due to the huge number of undeniable advantages:

· Each customer can use either a standard solution from trusted suppliers of intelligent products or register on their platforms or order the creation of an individual unique application that is completely suitable for the needs.

· To establish uninterrupted communication, almost all existing wireless connections can be suitable – Bluetooth, WiFi, or ZigBee, which allow you to read information around the world, or a wired connection that provides data transfer at the local level.

· The collection of information allows not only to control employees or track the logistics of products but also to better understand the needs of each client, to compile statistics. Such valuable information significantly influences the marketing policy of the company and contributes to the rapid growth of profits.

· The consumer Internet of Things is available on both PCs and all types of mobile devices.

· When installing and integrating a decentralized application, the complete security of users whose personal data is stored in the system is ensured. Leakage of information from the cloud service is possible only after verification of a pre-registered account.

· The ability to not only track, but also record asset control, which provides statistics and allows you to improve the current state of affairs in the business, or, for example, improve your own fitness result.

The main advantage of using the consumer Internet of Things is the simplification of human life, as it gains access to capabilities and information processing that is not available to most other PC operators or smartphone owners. Each active object, on which the sensor is installed in the house, on the street, or in a household appliance, receives targeted feedback from its owner, which provides remote control.

Why you should contact us?

Many clients who come to us to solve their problems and create a new application based on the work of IoT leave only positive feedback about us, as our team has a huge number of advantages over competitors:

· A highly professional team of specialists with many years of experience in the IT field.

· A huge number of works in the portfolio, with already worked out mistakes and inaccuracies, practically completely exclude marriage during work.

· When drawing up the TOR, we not only take into account the experience of our client, but also listen to and record his wishes, give useful advice, and point out weaknesses in the idea, which allows us to make a rational decision.

· Before starting work, we evaluate the already installed system of the customer, including multi-cloud storage, and also study its main area of ​​​​activity in order to understand exactly which interaction models or the type of host, executive devices, will be involved in order to obtain maximum efficiency.

· In our team, there is only a horizontal management style where each employee can express his idea, which ensures the collection of information during brainstorming.

When contacting our company, each customer receives the most effective and high-quality product that fully meets his requirements and ensures a profit or significantly increases the comfort of his life.

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