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20 Content Marketing Hacks That Will Increase Your Traffic

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Content Marketing is crucial in inbound marketing since it drives awareness, generates leads, establishes trust, and increases traffic. Using marketing tools, you can form an effective content marketing strategy that will give good results for your efforts.

Content is an essential aspect of every marketing initiative because there lies a brand’s ability to recite a story that will delight its target audience. It provides solutions to a pain point, position thought leadership, and drive engagement.

With infinite options of content marketing strategy, there are various possibilities such as blogs, email campaigns, e-books, social media copy, SEO, white papers, etc. Fortunately, in the past decade, the best practices of content marketing have been thoroughly experimented with. Do you know content plays a vital role in email also? B2B marketing agency plays with the mail copy to get leads from customers.

And here we have put 20 content marketing hacks that will increase your traffic –

1. Know your audience and segment them to increase the engagement

Segmenting your audience is a crucial step since not all readers are buyers. A good content marketer needs to segment the audience based on product needs.

To put it simply, your content will not be suitable for all readers. For example, if you have created content to create awareness for new readers, the content is wasted for the repeater audience.

Make the best of your marketing efforts and segment your customers based on their personas. A buyer persona is a complete information about the buyer, which defines each segment clearly.

2. Focus on Facts

You need to experiment on your content and verify the data. What was applicable till last month, may not be appropriate now.

Hence, instead of accepting whatever you read, think critically. The results depend upon your experiment. There could be a possibility that you may get a different outcome for the same experiment, which was successful for someone else.

Through observation and testing, you can come up with a new concept that others can learn from, and that’s how you will become an expert.

3. Do a Content Audit

A content audit will help in revealing the ways to repurpose content and how to optimize for users and search engines.

A content audit done on an annual basis delivers significant insights about the blog. It involves taking a look at all the content on a website and assessing its relative strengths and weaknesses. This will help in planning well for future content marketing strategies.

You can upcycle your existing content that is already ranked on search results; you can save our money, time, and resources while increasing the leads and sales. There could be several improvements, such as changing images, links, formatting, and heading or writing more in the content.

You can begin by looking at the website’s static page and see if you can add value there in any way.

You can even improvise the best performing posts into a series of content. You can also use Google Analytics to analyze your most viewed content online.

You can also use SEMrush’s tool of Content Audit to see how well your websites perform and what your visitors think about your content.

4. Leverage the Hedgehog Content Model

A hedgehog is a mammal that has a round body with stiff spines and small pointed snout. Now, what does a small mammal have to do with the content creation strategy?

Well, it simply means start from wherever you are and then scale from there. There is no need to worry that your blog is not generating 1,000 unique visitors monthly.

Start small and create a content marketing strategy that will help you to reach your goals. Make realistic goals and measure them.

The main goal of the model is to treat the audience with useful content so that they share it across all social media channels.

5. Conduct a Competitor Research

Competitor Analysis helps you in understanding what competitors are doing and how to outsmart them.

If conducted properly and the results are integrated into the strategy, it can improve the aspects of marketing, including the conversion rate.

You can use the right automated tools to know what your competitors are doing, in terms of where they are getting backlinks from and what their quality is. You can reach out to the sites that link to them and inquire about a link to your site. Keep in mind, many webmasters charge for link placement. So many times you have to buy backlinks – that’s just the name of the game.

To begin with, you can find out the strongest competitors by searching for the keyword, and then you can check which sites are competing with you.

Although it is time-consuming, once you know the competitor’s report, you will be able to gauge the right strategy. You can use to research your competitor.

6. Use Emotional headlines

Did you know that in 5 million headlines, Google search gives preference to emotional headlines, and they are bound to get more clicks? 

The best way to create good headlines is to use emotional keywords. It will help in increasing the value of your content. The readers will get inspired and might share it on social media as well.

For example, if you want to increase height, you would probably search for the keywords, like increase height in 3 months, the fastest way to increase height, and tips to increase height.

You came across titles like ‘How to grow taller,’ 6 Factors to increase height, and Increase 6 inches in 5 months.

You will prefer the last headline because the headline mirrors what you desire.

The same goes for your target audience. When they are searching for keywords, and they see a hint of immediacy, those keywords convert into sales, clicks, and visits.

7. Try PBC Formula

Your blog introduction should work on PBC formula i.e., Preview, Benefits, and Call-to-Action. First, you Preview what your post is all about.

Then, you tell your readers a lot of Benefits that someone will get after reading a post.

Finally, close the introduction with a Call-to-Action.

8. Use Padlock Post

There usually are blog posts which only email subscribers can get access to. And when someone clicks on the post, a little popup appears asking for their email.

This is a good strategy to increase your subscribers.

9. Write compelling Meta Descriptions

Google does not use the meta description tag to understand the content on your page. But users use descriptions to figure out their reading page.

Your website traffic will depend on a copy in your meta tag. Hence, make sure you write a compelling one.

10. Capitalize on Current Trends

Every other day a new product is launched, and Google goes haywire with a new update.

Instead of thinking over these changes and trends, take advantage of them, and create rich content. You will get instant traffic if you are first a few to write about the update.

One important thing to note is that content marketing ideas capitalize on current trends, traffic will grow, but if the concept is outdated, it could decrease your traffic.

The most important thing to remember is that current trends will not drive visitors to your blog, but good content marketing ideas will.

You can use the tool Google Trends to know about the recent updates.

11. Have an omnichannel approach

Omnichannel Approach will create a seamless customer experience where any interaction may initiate in one channel and finish in another. The approach uses more than one channel to reach one reader.

12. Use the SkyScraper Method

SkyScraper Method is a system of turning content into high-quality backlinks.

Here is how it works – You start by researching popular trends, topics, and well-received pieces of existing content across your niche. Then, you look for new ways to create content that communicates the same message.

Once you have created new content, reach out to people who have linked your blog in their blog, and hopefully, you might earn a link.

As it is out, there is a better way to get an inbound link, and that is what this hack is all about. The idea is to reverse engineer content, which has a lot of links, create a better piece of content, and promote who is linked to the original content.

13. Increase audience interaction through A.I.D.A Model

A.I.D.A stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

You can drive traffic through valuable comments. You can also comment on other blogs, which will help to generate a lot of leads, and these leads can generate high revenue for your business.

You can also ask your readers to comment on the post, and the easiest way to do so is by using the AIDA model.

When you use this technique, you will get comments, which in turn will improve your ranking.

Let’s understand each component of AIDA to get a clear picture –

  • Capture Attention – There are two ways through which you can grab the attention of your audience, and those are the headline and overall design of your website.
    A strong headline and a user-friendly design can attract a lot of people to your website.

  • Build Interest – It is crucial in the lead generation process to build the interest of your target audience. The interest level will determine the level of leads.
    To build interest, your introduction should be firm and persuasive.
    Another way to build interest by asking the right but provocative questions that will make them react by sharing their opinions.
    Make sure your introduction is straight to the point and brief.

  • Create Desire – Your audience should have the desire to take the right actions and the desire you need to create in them.
    A simple way to create desire is to make use of bullet points, sub-headings, and quotes. When you break down your information into digestible formats, your target audience will fall in love with your content.

  • Call to Action – A strong call to action helps in inciting your audience to take action, they want to. Using call-to-action increases the number of lead generation.

14. Create Groups to promote your content

Creating groups, whether on social media or personal chat, are an excellent way to generate leads.

It is important to interact and communicate with the audience so that they take an interest in your content.

Apart from this, you can also create a buzz about your brand through groups.

15. Analyze your Audience

There are three parameters of audience analysis – Demographic Analysis, Attitudinal Analysis, and Environmental Analysis. You must know your audience in all aspects and then build the strategy.

16. Create Evergreen Content

Research competitors and find out what potential customers want. Understand what type of content your prospects are looking for, what they are sharing with others, and what they are talking about.

You should create content for current customers with whom you want to expand the relationship and affinity with your brand.

17. Piggyback your traffic

There are a lot of blogs for almost every niche which gets thousands of visitors every month. And it can take a lot of time to get you to their level. Creating content which generates thousands of audience is not the audience.

Fortunately, there is one way that can accelerate the process and i.e., Guest Posting. Guest posting is quite similar but more legal. You can put your content on another website, and by doing so, you can get a backlink.

Still publishing an article is not enough, you need to make them come to your site, and that is the main goal of this hack.

18. Retarget the Readers

Retargeting is a paid marketing strategy whereby website visitors are identified and remarketed to using search ads. It is about reaching those people who have previously shown interest in your content.

19. Adapt to Analytics

Content marketing is not a set-it and forget-it plan. You must constantly study your numbers and data to get a clear understanding of which blog post is performing well.

20. Build Engagement for your content

The purpose of your blog should be to build engagement in your space.

Instead of working hard to get thousands of followers, fans, or connections, work hard so that they come to you. From there, take it forward and ask them to join your email list, and that is what real engagement is.

You have full control over the blog and email list than any social media profile. So, make sure that you do not abandon your blog audience for Instagram followers.

Pay more attention to the email list and nurture your subscribers. You can use social media networks to drive traffic and leads as much as you can, but give your time to email lists and blogs.


Generating good leads is hard, but the good news is that it can be much easier by following the above hacks.

Just follow the above hacks and be as creative as you can. Use well-researched and good content for your brand’s credibility.

You will be able to create compelling content, drive more traffic to the website, generate high-quality leads, grow sales, and increase revenue. Or you can also get in touch with a growth hacking agency who can help you in increasing your revenue and generating good leads.

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