Important Cricket Equipment and Benefits of Playing Cricket

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Cricket is a team ball and bat game. It is popular in Asia, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand. And the British have been playing it for over 750 years. As there is no one among Americans who does not know the game of baseball, so in England everyone knows the rules of cricket from the cradle. Today India is also not lagging behind in this regard. Nevertheless, you may place live bet on cricket whenever you are.

The object of the cricket game is to score more points than your opponent. Points are awarded for so-called «runs». When the kicker hits the ball, he runs to the opposite post. The player, standing on the opposite side of the track, runs towards him, trying to take the place of the batter. Each such run brings a point to the kicking team, and the players must not only run the track, but also touch the ground behind the line of the bat or any part of the body. Points can also be awarded in the event of violations or incorrectly executed serves.

What Equipment Do You Need

Cricket is played on a large oval field with a rectangular track in the center called the pitch. It is a rectangle 20 meters long and three meters wide. At opposite ends of the walkway, there are wickets consisting of stumps — 71 cm in height and 22 cm in total — with bails lying on them. The kicker’s task is to protect the wicket from the server’s throws with a special bat.

All 11 players of the team serving the ball are on the field. And the team that hits has only two hitters on the field, who are at opposite wickets. Of the 11 people of the serving team, nine can be placed on the field as the captain decides, the 10th player — bowler throws the ball at the wicket (it is necessary from top to bottom with a straight arm over the shoulder), and the 11th (wicketkeeper) Is directly behind the batsman. His task is to catch the ball behind the wicket.

Cricket matches can last for days, and it often seems like nothing is happening on the pitch, and the players just stand idly and look around. It can often take a few minutes between runs. Therefore, fans take their trip to the stadium very seriously, stocking up on baskets of food and drinks. If the maximum time allotted for the match (usually 5 days) has expired, but all players have not been removed from the game, then a draw is declared.

Advantages of Cricket Betting

Other cricket betting options are also available in the bookmaker’s list. Up to 70 markets are offered for prestigious tournaments. Cricket betting is popular at the bookmakers, and all thanks to the presence of a number of advantages:

A large number of events. Matches are held all year round, until December 31st. The new season starts in January.

Serial fights. Each team can hold several meetings during the week. This makes it easier to determine the condition of the teams.

High maximum bets. Bookmakers set decent maximum bet limits, which are rarely found in other sports.

There is no equality of points. Fights are held until the winner is determined. The absence of draws in cricket simplifies the process of predicting the outcome of the match.

A large amount of statistical information. You can find it both in Indian and foreign sources.

There are many nuances in the rules, which requires a thorough study.

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