Cricket Betting Tips: How To Place Effective Bets in India

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“If you are not able to understand the betting tips, you won’t be able to act them on time and this might make you lose the entire bet.”  


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Who doesn’t love cricket, especially in India? In India, on average, every 4 out of 5 people love cricket. And over the years, we have witnessed a unison among the Indian crowd when it comes to cricket – no matter if they are divided over caste, race, or any other disputes. This sport had its origin in England – but surely India has more cricket fans than any other country in the world.

With the growing popularity of online sports betting in India, more people are invested in cricket betting, specifically in India. If you would like to bet and if you’re a beginner, probably a lot of questions must be pondering your mind. We have you covered.

So, what are the odds? 

Listed below are the top cricket betting tips in India:

  1. Create a strategy

Well, as they always say, “whenever you begin betting, having a well-defined strategy is the first and foremost step.” Also, it would take you to winning the bet as many experts have identified. What is needed for creating a strategy? You’ve everything needed to create a strategy – starting from the statistics to the history of teams and players. 

A lot of related data is available online. But when you’ve access to such data, it would become too confusing on where to start. To avoid such hassles as a beginner, it would be always advisable to start with something like the IPL match. This helps you to narrow down your research.

  1. Ready, set and go

Now, after all the immense research, you’ve got all the essential information. Where do you go from here? 

You start with match betting. Here, a lot of factors need to be considered – such as player trends, the form of the team, and even weather conditions – along with the state of the pitch and the ground. You, as a beginner, would be astonished to see even handicappers wanting to seek out the best odds – mainly to compare the prices that bookmarkers put up before any match betting happens.

  1. How much do you bet?

Yes, that is a definite question. You can bet at the least minimum amount, being INR 10 (offered by some sites), that your site offers. 

  1. Match predictions are helpful

Remember, we are talking about winning real money through this bet. So, when you conduct your research, do take a look at the match predictions as well. They go a long way in helping you make the right decision when placing your bet – helping you win money.

  1. Find a trusted and licensed site

A lot is at stake when you enter the world of betting. So, when you choose a site, make sure it is a trusted and licensed one. You have to find someplace where you can trust your money without fear of losing it.

  1. Betting is illegal

In India, betting is yet to be legalized. So, be careful about where you are going with your money. But, you are always welcome to lay an online cricket Satta at an international site – no law can stop you from doing that. 

  1. Types of cricket bets

There are three types of betting:

  • Prop bets: This includes team bets and is not related to the final results – it could be something like who would win the opening toss or player props, such as who would be the man of the match, etc. 
  • Match bet: It is quite straightforward – a question that we even ask when we watch a match – who is going to win? You might have even placed a bet with your friends or relatives in the past over this. You can always pick a side as to who will win. 
  • Series winner and outright winner: Series winner is something that happens when a team plays multiple times in a series. Outright winner is a bet made on a team – with a presumption that they will last during a season or a tournament.

Study your choices before betting on cricket. Also, know the sports betting tips in India. Make wise decisions, but always remember someone has to win for someone to lose. So, come what may take it easy.

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