The Price of Free Cybersecurity Software Is Usually Too High

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Your default security system isn’t sufficient to shield your PC from the countless new malware threats detected every day — the default security system on Windows has lower detection rates than other antivirus software. It also fails to protect popular web browsers like Google Chrome from many malicious actors on the Internet. 

Free Antivirus Software

While it’s tempting to download free antivirus software, you may pay for it in other ways down the road if you choose the wrong one. Several free antivirus companies cut corners to pay for the resource-intensive process of creating and maintaining cybersecurity software. 

  • Low detection rates: Most free antivirus software usually uses signature-based technology rather than the more sophisticated behavior-based technology to detect malware and hence fail to recognize emerging threats. 
  • Privacy Breaches: Experts criticize many free antivirus programs for collecting and selling usage data in order to generate revenue.
  • Bloatware: Some free antivirus programs will sneakily install unnecessary programs and extensions on your computer to make money. These add-ons are challenging to uninstall, slow down your system, and share your activity with marketers.
  • Advertising: Many free antivirus software hit your screen with ads and pop-ups from their advertising partners.
  • False Positives: Like some types of malware, many free antivirus programs present false positives to prey on your fears and seem beneficial.
  • Security Breaches: Leading free antivirus solutions are known to leak the user data of millions to cybercriminals. 

Instead of using an untrustworthy antivirus program, pay a nominal fee for a cybersecurity system that crushes all emerging malware threats and is light on your system.

Remember, the right software will offer a trial period. For instance, the critically acclaimed premium version of Malwarebytes antivirus software offers a 14-day trial before reverting to the basic version, which still detects and removes malware and other advanced threats.

Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services

It’s essential to install the right antivirus solution and beef up your network security to keep your computer safe. While your router and operating system firewalls play a crucial role in beefing up your network defences, you must also subscribe to a VPN service to secure your network.

A VPN service connects you to the Internet through an encrypted tunnel and secures your data. It also masks your IP address with its own, keeping you anonymous from scammers. A VPN is an incredibly important tool for your laptop because it secures the notoriously unsafe WiFi networks found at cafes, shopping malls, and airports. 

However, a free VPN is usually problematic. Like many free antivirus programs, free VPNs log and sells your data and ruin your browsing experience with ads. What’s more, many free VPNs carry dangerous malware, spy on you, and lack the servers to sustain your Internet activity. 

To utterly secure your network and enjoy fast Internet, subscribe to a VPN that offers multiple servers worldwide and uses an new VPN protocol. For instance, VPNs that use the new WireGuard protocol offer the best speed and safety. 

In an age where hackers use creative ways to steal your data and your money, you can’t afford to compromise your defences. When you use the wrong digital protection tools, you often pay for them with your security and privacy.  

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