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I love sharing tips that can help blog individuals and content creators. And today’s is intended for those who want to create their own logo for free with an online tool, free of charge! It’s DesignEvo, which lets you let your imagination run wild and create free online logos for your business or blog.

Make Free Logos with DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a free tool that helps you, in a very intuitive way, to create a logo for your business or your blog. As soon as you access the website, numerous logo options appear to inspire you! You can even edit and customize the pre-assembled logo that caught your eye!

You can also see the section that separates by categories: Fashion and Beauty, Games, Food and Drink, Movies, Shopping, Photography, Football, Music Band, School, Flowers, Cars, Technology, Institutional and so on!

You may find many pre-built logos like gaming logos, truck logos, monogram logos, letter logos, etc. You can start your logo created from scratch or from an existing template.

Before showing you the tutorial on how to make your free logos, take a look at what you can find on DesignEvo:

  • More than 10,000 professional logo designs;
  • More than 1 million icons you can find by search engine;
  • Hundreds of shapes and fonts for logos;
  • Customizable tools – you can even change the icon colors!

One of the advantages, in my opinion, is the possibility of using keyboard shortcuts, common shortcuts for those who are used to using software in Windows, for example. I found myself using “Ctrl + Z” to undo the last action and “Delete” to delete the selected element – without even realizing that I was in DesignEvo and not Photoshop!

And you can also select more than one element by mouse – by clicking, dragging, and selecting – or by holding the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and clicking on the desired elements.

Tutorial on How to Create Free Logos Online

You can create your logo from scratch or edit one of the templates already available. I decided to click on a pre-built logo for today’s tutorial to show you how quick and easy it is to customize whatever you want.


After selecting the logo, I could add and change the name and slogan and choose my preferred text font.

There are numerous font options for your logo creations in DesignEvo. They are separated by style: Bold / Bold; Modern (Sans) / Modern (sans serif); Traditional (Serif) / Traditional (Serif); Handwriting / Handwriting; Funny / Amusing. It also has the Art / Artistic mode to have another range of font options.

I found it very impressive that DesignEvo can change the colors, piecemeal, on some icons. You can even choose color gradients!

You can modify opacity and size, mirror or flip the image, and use guidelines that show the placement of elements against each other.

You can also add more icons and change the outline color. To facilitate the search for icons, DesignEvo presents suggestions and also allows you to type what you would like to use.

There are still a lot of shapes, lines, decorations, banners, solid and hollow images for you to add to the logo in a speedy and intuitive way, that is, just drag-and-drop with the mouse.

Another great feature is the background choice. It can be transparent, colored, or gradient, always having many possibilities of color combinations – and even angles – for you to create a unique logo.

Preview logo design

Another fantastic feature is the preview which helps to give realism, showing your logo in different situations, even before saving or printing the final result.

Save and download

After creating your logo, you can save it to the cloud – which will require you to create a profile on DesignEvo so you can access your creations whenever and wherever you want or download them.

At this point, you are able to choose whether to use the free service or the other two paid options, which allow you to download vectors, high resolution, download fonts, among other advantages.

You need to choose the free option and credit DesignEvo as “payment” to create free logos. This means you should choose to publicize it on your social media/email or link to their website on your blog/website through the code! And then you will be able to use your logo for free in a fair way!

My opinion

I would like to register here that hiring a professional in the area is always an excellent option. But I know that many people would like to start their blog/business without investing a lot in the beginning. Or they would like to show the professional an excellent sample of what is in mind for their logo.

No matter the occasion, DesignEvo is certainly an excellent ally to make free logos!

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