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The 6 Biggest Digital Advertising Trends Taking Place In 2020

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The year 2020 has been considered as a visionary year, especially for the digital advertising industry. With digital ads trends, what do you mean? Is it the influencer marketing or more of the content in form of article, video, or any other thing that serves to act as an engagement tool for the digital consumers to get engaged with the particular brand online? 

Below are the digital advertising trends in 2020 that one must consider investing both time and resources;

Social Media Stories Gaining Popularity

The concept of stories being introduced at Snapchat at first, followed by other social media networks including Instagram and Facebook in the year 2020 has been referred to as the marketing trend, i.e. one of the great opportunities for the marketers. Not just it offers the advantage of increasing the awareness of the brand via reaching the audience of your choice, it has also been referred to as a cost-effective solution where engagement by the users takes place via adding up the polls to the stories.

With the increasing traffic on the platforms, the stories posted by businesses on the social media platforms allow the users to review the locations of the brands. Along with this, the hashtags also play a vital role in engaging the audience targeted.

Marketing Automation Technology

This trend of digital marketing makes the digital marketers understand that they are in need everywhere and this is why it must be in use. The reason behind this is that it serves to save maximum time for the employees while offering greater insights for driving the successful business.

“As per the latest research, up to 82% of businesses have been making use of email marketing technique”

Digital Video

As per the latest report by the IAB’s 2019, there will be a rise in the digital video ads. This has also been justified via the increasing budget of the marketers that gives rise to this opportunity. In the production and customization of digital videos, Al development allows marketers to personalize the video contents. Thereby, reaching their customers with personalized content as per their choice and what attracts them.

Digital Advertising and Machine Learning

In the year 2020, the growth in artificial intelligence and machine learning has been referred to as an opportunity for the businesses as it makes the marketers deliver engaging ads to the customers. This year gives an opportunity to the brand owners to leverage automation like the Al-driven technologies which permits several tests and make use of smarter activities.

Where a particular brand is conscious about the data that acts as a fuel, it makes marketers leverage both the first and third-party data. Over the years, Google has been into offering this opportunity to empower the advertisers to conduct a test of machine learning capabilities with an ultimate aim to deliver the relevant and engaging ads for their customers.

Amazon To Hit Up Its Stride

For online platforms, Amazon has considered the year 2019 as a phenomenal year as the marketers have been making use of it. From gaining this unique opportunity to understanding the basic power, this digital marketing trend helps in grabbing the attention of the audience targeted. This trend from the digital world is amazing as it helps the advertisers in becoming more sophisticated.

Content Experience

This tool of digital marketing is an essential one, meaning that the content is the thing which transforms the experience gained by the customers via the design it uses, the environment in which it is planned and where is it placed. As per the use of this growing trend, the entire user experience can be addressed with control in the hands of the marketers.

What is the trend you have noticed with the start of this year? Anything we as consumers’ don’t know about? Feel free to share with us in the comment box below!

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