How 21st-Century Discount Hunters Redeem Their Digital Coupons With Qr Codes?

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From print to digital, the game in getting the best deals with coupons changes. With QR codes mediating the digital coupon industry, a greater change in accessing great discount deals is unlocked.

eCoupons – Taking the world through storm

According to InvestpCRO’s digital coupon marketing statistics, 31 billion digital coupons are redeemed by consumers worldwide in 2019. And with that number of eCoupons redeemed, 21st-century consumers are deeming the digital way to save more on the products they want to purchase.

As couponers are enjoying the digital way to redeem discounts from their favourite product or retail companies, mobile redeeming is the best way to do them. You can check the best coupon site for online shopping for more information about coupons.

With the use of QR codes in fastening their digital coupon redemption, businesses of today are employing the use of a QR code generator with logo online.

How to create a coupon QR code?

For businesses to distribute their digital discount coupons to their avid couponing customers with QR codes, here are six simple steps on how to create a coupon QR code.

  • Open a QR code generator online

The first step in making a coupon QR code is by opening a QR code generator online. To look for a reliable and reputable QR code maker, businesses can use a reputable one like QRTiger.

QRTiger is a trusted QR code generator that revolutionizes the means of creating an interactive QR code for your campaigns as well as hosting your digital coupons.

  • Select the QR code category of your eCoupon and fill in the required fields

With different types of eCoupons that couponers can obtain today, creating them into a QR code depends on its functions. If you plan to add embed a coupon URL into a QR code, then the use of a URL QR code is recommended. For a more secure and fair the discount distribution, the use of the Multi-URL category is best.

  • Generate your QR code as dynamic

After filling in the required field, proceed in generating your coupon QR code. For a trackable discount redeeming experience, generate your QR code in a dynamic state. In this way, you can enjoy more business benefits with it.

  • Personalize

Once the generation is done, you can personalize your QR code by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes and colors that matches your coupon layout.

  • Do a scan test

After personalizing your QR code, run a scan test. In this way, you can early detect any scanning issues and correct them before deploying them.

  • Download and deploy

To avoid any pixelated or blurry QR code output, download your QR code in vector format like SVG and deploy them in your brochures, ad pages and discount website.

How Couponers can Easily Redeem their Digital Coupons with QR codes?

As the use of QR codes in couponing is becoming a thing in the technologically driven shopping community, here are two notable ways on how couponers can easily redeem their digital coupons with QR codes.

  • Scan and redeem

One way on how couponers have easily redeemed their digital coupons is by doing the scan and redeem prompt. As most of the discount information is can be activated by just scanning them, this prompt is one of the most sought-after steps in redeeming the digital coupons with QR codes.

  • Scan and download

Another way couponers redeem their digital coupons via QR code is by scanning and downloading the coupon for future use. As some couponers are keen in saving their coupons for later redeeming, embedding a coupon QR code that can be downloaded after scanning is the best for them. Through the scan and download prompt, couponers can keep the coupons for their next shopping spree.


With technology changing the means of how couponing is done today, digital couponing becomes the 21st-century shoppers’ way to redeem discounts from their favorite products and services. And with QR codes aiding faster coupon redemption, businesses can successfully deliver shopping gifting right through their camera lenses.

Through the use of a QR code generator online, virtual discount sales becomes possible and operational for both their traditional and tech-savvy consumers.

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