Is Digital Gambling Legal in New Zealand?

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The gambling laws in New Zealand are complicated. It raises so many questions – is digital gambling legal here, and can you be sure that all online casinos in New Zealand are regulated? 

These are sensible questions to ask, and we’ve been doing our research – also check out Starburst free spins. Read on to find out the answers! We will be investigating:

–          The legality of digital gambling in New Zealand

–          Offshore digital gambling in New Zealand

–          How to regulate your own digital gambling

So, is digital gambling legal here?

We’d love to give you a yes or no answer, but it’s quite complicated! Technically it is illegal to gamble online in New Zealand, specifically when the online casino is provided domestically. However, authorised providers such as Lotto NZ and The TAB are exceptions to this law. So, does this mean that you cannot get your digital gambling fix anywhere else? Not at all – in fact, there is a fantastic solution to this problem – offshore online casinos!

These are websites that are provided outside of New Zealand but can still be access legally. However, using offshore online websites comes with the risk that the site will not be regulated by safe gambling procedures such as deposit minimization. What does this mean, and is there a way to get around this? Read on to find out more!

Gambling Minimization in New Zealand

As we mentioned, you can freely enjoy digital gambling experiences in New Zealand if the website is provided outside of the country, but it comes with a few risks. Not having deposit minimization limits means that the website may not have features that promotes safe gambling, ways to allow you to block yourself from depositing past a specific limit, or blocking yourself from using the site. As a result, it’s difficult to regulate your own digital gambling if you consider yourself to gamble in excess. Don’t worry though – there are a few ways that you can help prevent this from becoming a problem:

–          Solution 1: Get an accountability partner – by having a family member or close friend accountable for your digital gambling spending, you can get help to ensure that you do not gamble excessively

–          Solution 2: Use an eWallet for deposits – this way you can put limits on the amount of cash you store in your wallet. If you exclusively pay through this method, you can keep track of your spending easily.

–          Solution 3: Set limits and stick to them. If you’ve tried everything and these problems still occur, it’s time to talk to somebody and take a break for a while.

Final Thoughts

Overall, digital gambling in New Zealand is technically illegal unless it is regulated through official providers or the casino site is based from a country offshore. This essentially means that despite the laws, you can still legally enjoy online casinos – brilliant, but confusing! Just bear in mind that offshore sites may not feature safety regulations, and that you may need to take some actions of your own to ensure that your experience runs smoothly.

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