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Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

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What is digital marketing?

Everything is changing too fast. Something old is replaced by something new, nothing in the world stands still. This also concerns online business promotion. In the past, SEO was enough to attract customers from the Internet. A little later, Internet marketing came to the aid of SEO. Now Internet marketing alone is not enough. A new era has begun – digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a way for businesses to interact with their customers through their personal devices. What does it mean? Today, people use a large number of gadgets, each of which provides interaction with its owner through an Internet connection. First of all, these are smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, bracelets, smart speakers, and smart TVs. Gadgets today serve as a starting point for making purchases and receiving services. On any user’s smartphone, you can find many useful apps that help you navigate the city, country, and world, make financial transactions, make orders in cafes and restaurants, etc. That creates favorable conditions for the development of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is brand promotion and customer involvement through all possible digital channels (depending on the subject and economic feasibility) – social networks, the Internet, e-mail, contextual advertising, content marketing, etc. It also uses other means to help attract customers from an offline realm – SMS, and mobile apps on phones. In short, it is a complex promotion of a product or service using different types of marketing (online + offline).

Digital marketing in India

India is an important player in the global market with a rapidly developing economy. What about the media market, it is a very diverse and fast-growing part of the Indian economy that attracts attention. In the coming years, according to analysts’ forecasts, its share will increase significantly. Digital marketing in India is becoming a successful line of business. However, entrepreneurs didn’t want to abandon traditional marketing in favor of digital one for a long time.

Companies in India have begun to realize that the future of digital marketing in India is no longer an additional strategy. If your company does not have a digital presence today, you will miss a part of your customers who will be taken by your competitors. Therefore, there is a gradual adoption of digital marketing strategies in companies. It even increases job opportunities. Digital marketing opportunities and digital marketing activities will be discussed in the coming years in India.

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Digital marketing tendencies in 2022

Every year digital marketing becomes more and more complicated. Plus to fundamentals like SEO, branding, and UX, PPC marketers now have to juggle new social channels and evolving rules, as well as content, automation, and personalization.

Marketers talk about the most important strategies which can be used this year to expand reach, increase awareness and maximize revenue. It is clear that technology, content, and personalization will remain relevant this year.

The top 6 digital marketing trends in 2022 which cannot be ignored

1. Dialogue Marketing

Dialogue marketing is a necessity in today’s world: companies, like their customers, are interested in feedback. To be interactive, they have to use many communication channels, and adapt to a user-friendly communication format. 82% of users expect an immediate response from a company about sales and marketing. Naturally, chatbots are gaining more and more popularity. The mechanism proved to be very effective in terms of the speed of communication with customers.

2. Semantic searching

“Smart” search is another trend of 2022. People like it when the search engine processes the request more accurately and gives only the links they need. Modern robots can recognize queries entered even with errors. At the same time, the site indexing mechanism has changed: in the search results, priority is given to the resource where the answer to the question is more precisely formulated. The value of keys in the content has greatly decreased if your text does not correspond to the essence of the request: now it’s not so easy to deceive the robots, they have learned to analyze the context and user reactions.

3. Video Marketing

The video format is not a new trend: it has been at the top for quite a long time. For marketing purposes, 60% of companies use videos, while 66% of users say they prefer watching a short video to reading an article. In 2022, digital marketing will be dominated by short videos lasting 1-3 minutes. Today, TikTok leads in mini-video downloads.

4. Augmented Reality

The modern world of marketing cannot be imagined without augmented reality (AR) tools. The virtual world complements reality, which is actively used by marketers to demonstrate goods and services. 61% of consumers prefer stores that support AR tools. Many trading companies have launched a service where brand products can be evaluated in real conditions even before purchase.

5. Influence marketing

Influencers continue to be trusted by consumers and in demand by companies as advertising through influencers benefits businesses. Leads that come to the company through influencer marketing are of higher quality. According to user reviews, 49% of consumers buy because of recommendations from influencers, and another 40% of consumers buy after advertising on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

6. Geofencing

The purpose of geofencing is to track and lure customers located in a certain territory. Imagine the situation: you are walking past a store and at that moment you receive a notification on your phone that sales or discounts are active in this store right now. According to statistics, 53% of users after such a message will go to the store and make a purchase. This is how geofencing works. Messages can be sent in the form of SMS, push notifications, or otherwise. Technically, it is not difficult to track the location of a potential buyer through the device ID.


In recent years, digital marketing has become a new trend in global marketing. The more channels you use to attract customers, the stronger the effect will be. Create business pages on social networks, shoot videos, attract the attention of “influencers”, and keep up with new digital marketing trends – all of this will help you double your profits and promote your brand to a higher level.

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