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What are the Best Ways of Digital Marketing in 2020

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What are the Best Ways of Digital Marketing in 2020

The space of digital marketing is changing dynamically these days. It is very difficult to say what is the best way of digital marketing in 2020. Everything is at an experimental stage, in case the best way is to seek the help of a digital marketing company. They would be able to guide you to invade the best ways of digital marketing in 2020.

The biggest mantra is to make no mistakes when you are in the field of digital marketing. Nowadays the digital marketing field is changing very fast with new technologies and it becomes a difficult task to predict the consumer’s behaviour and interests. It is important that you make no mistakes in digital marketing in 2020. It is very difficult to predict the behaviour of the users in social media. It is very difficult to say what could be the best way of digital marketing in 2020. 

Best Ways of Digital Marketing in 2020

Here are some of the best ways of digital marketing in 2020 which I must follow in order to do the best kind of marketing in 2020. 

Artificial Intelligence

It would be very late if by now you are unaware of the AI technology overpowering social media. AI is the heart of the business globally; it is already taking over some of the jobs in digital media. 

AI has the capability to analyse consumer behaviour, it also tracks the search pattern, it also helps to understand how a customer looks for his product in search engine. AI is so important that it may not just simply realize the importance of AI right now but over the period of a year, you will be aware of it. 

Shoppable Posts

Advertisements in social about brands were almost there since the initial days but now you can sell through social media. People like to shop while surfing social media. In this case, they would not have to visit the official site and instead of but the product from the social media posts directly. 

This method is also known as Social Commerce which means that you can buy products directly through social media posts or adds and you will not have to leave the site or app. This method is getting more famous since the release of the Instagram Checkout in 2019. 


Another important aspect is the chatbots of each of the sites, which helps in easy communications. The chatbots are working on AI-based technology, which can work day and night without any break and complaints. A chatbot is very important in Digital Marketing. 

Unknown Facts about Chatbots

There are some unknown facts about the unknown facts which many of us do not know.

  • 85% of the customer service will be provided by the Chatbots in digital marketing. 
  • Chatbot service can facilitate users 24 hours a day and almost answer about 90% of the questions that arise in the chatbot. 
  • 63% of the users like messaging through chatbots, to communicate with a brand or the product. 
  • It has been surveyed that by 2022, chatbots will help to save at least $8 billion per annum. 
  • More than 80% of businesses would like chatbot facilities in their digital marketing part of it.

Conversational Marketing

Talking about Chatbots, if we also take a look at the consumers or the users we would see that marketing which is conversational is more successful. People want it conversational and hence the brands are reacting likewise. The idea of marketing becomes conversational because people ask questions and they like instant replies because they do not like waiting. 

Unlike traditional marketing, this facility is now available at the blink of the eyelids. This allows shopping across brands and social media platforms. 82% of users like an instant reply. The aim of conversational marketing is to increase the number of leads and conversation rates.   

Video Marketing 

Until now, it was more known that content is the king but now there is a category. Video content is more important than written content. Video content is the correct consumption of food. People like to consume which is visually pleasing and like to see visuals. It is recommended that you make videos of anything relevant to your business and post in your social media accounts also on your website. If you upload a good video with correct on-site and off-site SEO then your article is bound to rank and also will increase your customers. 


Now, aren’t you ready to beat digital marketing in 2020? Surprisingly the ways of digital marketing in 2020 are both more human and also automatic technology. It looks like digital marketing is moving in a direction where people want to connect with experts of more targeted niches. The medium of the connections is now going fully automatic after the disruption of AI-based technology. Follow the above-mentioned methods to do well in digital marketing. 

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Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at BloggerOutreach, a blogger outreach platform. He is a passionate blogger and blogs at Search Engine Magazine.

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