Common E-Commerce Website Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

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E-commerce helps you compete with big brands without much investment. You have more control over how you want to run your e-commerce business. 

Your e-commerce site is accessible 24/7. Anyone can make a purchase anytime. That means you should have a top-notch site. Your mistakes could prove too costly

Here are a few of e-commerce websites mistakes, especially when they get started. You can learn from them to not repeat them.

Not Using a Responsive Design

Your audience accesses your site on many devices. They use phones, tablets, and PCs to engage with your site. If your site doesn’t have a responsive design, they’ll leave quickly. It will affect your rankings and sales.

The first page they see on your site is crucial. If they want to continue, your first page should appeal to them. It is not possible without a responsive design. If you don’t have a responsive design, mobile users might find it hard to view your site. Pop-ups and CTA banners will affect the mobile user experience.

Your site should fit into the screen size of the device. The ads and banners should blend harmoniously. It should also adjust to the orientation of the screen, whether landscape or portrait.

Google also likes responsive design. One of the ranking factors is mobile-friendliness. If your site uses responsive design, it will rank higher in Google. 

Responsive design is also critical for site speed. Mobile users will have trouble with slow site speeds if they don’t have a responsive design. Work with an ecommerce website design company to develop a responsive design.

Being too Pushy with Ads

You know the value of advertising. It brings you more customers. But that doesn’t mean it has to be intrusive or pushy. 

Pop-ups help get the visitor’s attention. But overdoing it will produce a negative effect.

When you overdo pop-ups, users will find it annoying. It will affect their user experience. They will see you as being only concerned with money. Also, make sure that your pop-ups don’t overshadow your content.

Don’t be too aggressive with your advertising. Instead, focus on motivating them to buy. Guide them in the buyer journey. Speak to experts providing ecommerce solutions to learn practical ad placements.

Don’t place ads on product pages. Your visitors will find it spammy. They could even go on to block or report your ads as spam.

You should instead use content marketing to promote your products. Educate your audience about your products. If you provide reasons, they’ll buy your product. Displaying ads repeatedly will harm your business. Marketing through content will also show you as an expert.

Lack of Multiple Payment Options

Your customers might come from different places. Not giving multiple payment options can result in losing potential customers. Not everyone uses a Mastercard or Visa card. 

There are so many payment options available. PayPal, Stripe, GPay, and Amazon Pay are standard payment gateways. So, make it convenient for your customers to buy from you.

The simpler the process, the more sales you get. If the customers find it easy to make purchases, they will also become your loyal customers.

Lack of Contact Info

Customers are always trying to learn more about brands. They want to call you over the phone. Or they want a video call to understand more about your business. 

Add CTAs that link to your phone number. They will find it helpful. Consult with an expert providing e-commerce solutions for practical CTA placements.

They also want to contact you if they have trouble using your products. You should be there when you need them. They will lose their calm if they find that you don’t have contact details. So, you should avoid the mistake of not leaving contact information.

Not Adding Product Descriptions

It’s good that you have high-quality product images. They will do their part in attracting customers. But you should have product descriptions to provide a compelling reason to buy from you. 

Your product description should be clear and to the point. It should explain what the product is all about. Tell them who you are targeting with the product. You can get the help of an e-commerce website design company to write product descriptions.

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