Electronic Payment Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

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Nowadays, especially when it comes to payments, everyone needs convenience. Increasingly popular has been the use of electronic payment systems due to the rise of e-commerce. By using such systems, businesses will have the opportunity to expand their operations worldwide without worrying about security concerns during transactions. You can find information about electronic payment services here.

How does electronic payment work?

When customers pay for products or services electronically, they do so using an electronic payment method. Paying for goods online is a way for people to avoid having to visit physical stores. Many people associate electronic payments with e-commerce.

Workings of the system

Cardholders (consumers who make payments online), merchants (companies or individuals who sell goods and services), issuers (financial institutions that issue the cards), acquirers, payment processors, and payment gateways participate in electronic payment systems. Electronic payment systems require the participation of all participants to function efficiently.

Transaction types for electronic payments

One-time and recurring vendor payments are two types of electronic payments.

  • Payments to vendors one-time

E-commerce websites often process transactions of this nature. A cardholder enters their information on a checkout page, allowing money to be transferred from their account to a merchant’s account for the purchase of items.

  • Payments to vendors recurring

Customers who regularly pay for a certain product or service can make use of this category of transaction. To recur, you must specify a timeframe for the recurrence.

Various forms of electronic payment

A particular method of payment is required for each transaction you make. Paying with cash and checks are among the methods that are traditionally available to you. Although the method of making electronic payments is slightly different, there is a difference nonetheless. EFTs, ensure electronic transfers of money from the cardholder to the merchant by orchestrating the electronic payment. Credit and debit cards, as well as eChecks, are some of the common types of electronic payment methods.

How to make sure your data is secure when making electronic payments

Card and payment information security is crucial. The only thing you need to do is understand the standard operating procedures and expected security requirements. Here are some tips that will keep your transactions efficient and secure:

1.   Understanding how secure electronic transactions work

2.   Ensure all transactions you conduct are PCI-compliant – this ensures the security of the transaction.

3.   You need to secure your e-commerce with SSL encryption technology so that hackers cannot steal your data.

4.   Enhance the security of your transactions with a unique digital signature (e.g., an electronic fingerprint that is unique to each cardholder).

Although you may have used electronic payment systems previously, now you understand how to use those systems effectively and safely. Do not make an electronic payment over a non-SSL site.

Benefits of electronic payments

It is a widely accepted fact that electronic payments are superior to physical ones since they encourage digitalization over money’s liquidity.

There are many advantages of switching to an e-payment mode, from total security to small/big payments in minutes and online money transfers: 

Broadening its reach

Today, more and more people shop online and pay for their purchases immediately via secure e-payments. E-commerce sites are booming due to this truly remote shopping experience.

Make payments quickly and easily

Isn’t it time that a long line no longer gets stuck because someone can’t change their money? Anyone now can shop, pay any odd amount, and enjoy their purchases from their smartphones. Business owners benefit from exceptional services that turn into profits.  

Security on the cutting edge

Several tools can be integrated with e-payment systems to process highly secured payments. Although some companies have experienced digital fraud, it is usually due to a lack of security measures and improper tool integration. Ensure that you consult with the best company proficient in developing eWallet Mobile Apps for these purposes.

Sales Enhancement

Could it be limited to a specific region or country? Do not be hesitant to expand your business into the international market if you have scope in that area. Sales and profits will increase the more you reach out to your traditional customer base.  

Flexible in every way

Using an e-payment portal, your clients can easily withdraw with discounts, rebates, coupons, and a lot more. Your sales targets can easily be met by extending these benefits and having a convenient web portal. 

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