Features Of Wheelchair: Things You Need To Know

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With the introduction of electric wheelchairs, mankind has benefited tremendously. With the manual wheelchairs, it was impossible for the patients to move around by themselves and always needed someone’s help whenever they needed to go from one place to another. But with electric wheelchairs, the users could avoid these inconveniences. So, because of this benefit and certain other benefits, electric wheelchairs have entirely replaced manual wheelchairs. 

  •  Wheelchair

A wheelchair is one of the most common equipment which you can find in every healthcare clinic and hospital. Sometimes it is even purchased for personal use when a person suffers from various health conditions and faces difficulties in movements. With the advancement of technology, wheelchairs have also upgraded a lot. If you are in search of the best wheelchair, then check whether it has been made following the latest technology.

  1. Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchairs fall into three main classes, which are as follows:

  • Front Wheel Powered: The front-wheel powered wheelchairs are primarily used indoors because of their maneuverability, but they are not very powerful to be used outdoors. 
  • Rear Wheel powered: This is considered the most popular type of wheelchair that numerous people buy presently. These are considered the most potent types of wheelchair and are ideal for outdoor purposes. These chairs do not have a nimble like the front wheel powered chairs and have a larger turning radius. Mid wheel powered: These wheelchairs are considered unsuitable for use in uneven terrain. They have a bigger turning radius and are generally not very steady. 

Belts or gears are used for driving electric wheelchairs. The belt-driven wheelchairs are considered the best electric wheelchairs as they are very convenient and quiet even though they require regular maintenance. The gear-driven electric wheelchairs require less maintenance, but they wear out fast and are pretty noisy when in motion.

Besides, these days there are varieties of electric remote control wheelchairs. The users of these wheelchairs can control the direction and adjust speed by using the joysticks control located on the arms. The remote control wheelchairs can be used at low speed, good road conditions and can handle low slopes. 

  1. Transportable Wheelchair

The transportable wheelchairs are generally lightweight, foldable and can be transported from one place to another in a car trunk. These wheelchairs are simple to fold as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Lightweight Wheelchair

The lightweight wheelchairs supplied by the best wheelchair manufacturers are innovative and are designed following modern technologies. The listing is for a wheelchair with a lithium battery. These wheelchairs are lightweight, foldable, airlines friendly and are easy to load in a car trunk. They generally have a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs and can have a top speed of 4mph. 

Not only disabled people can benefit from electric wheelchairs, but these can also be used by sick people who face difficulties with mobility and those who are recovering from major surgery. With the various types of available wheelchairs, it is essential for you to choose the one which can fulfil your requirements. You can select the best wheelchair from a wide range of options provided by the best online stores.

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