FlexClip Review: Create Quick and Easy Marketing Videos

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The days when the internet was filled with text-only sites and pages are. It’s 2022, folks; It’s the era of podcasts and videos, and having images alone on your business site is no longer enough to get huge exposure.

In this age of digital technology and advancements, you don’t have to be a professional video maker either. No, you don’t need to have video creation skills either. All thanks to video creation tools like FlexClip.

This free online application will enable you to create some of the best-looking videos to give your business marketing campaign an instant boost. You can use it to create Instagram videos or to make your blog more attractive and engaging.

The tool comes with some of the best video creation features, and the time is not far off when it will become the go-to option for creating the highest quality marketing videos.

Let’s start:

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a free online tool that helps users create stunning videos with ease. Specifically, the videos you create using this tool will be perfect for marketing campaigns, presentations, and various other similar promotional initiatives.

The tool will allow you to create informative and explanatory videos quickly using its rich media library of different templates. With over 4 million audio and video samples, plus some of the most stunning images, you’ll be able to create top-notch videos.

The tool will walk you through creating 2-30 minute visuals depending on the plan you select. You can use the videos created in this way for YouTube marketing, but then the process of creating videos will be a little different.

Overview of FlexClip

The online portal or website of this tool is very powerful and super intuitive. You can even use it as an app on both your Windows and Mac computer. It offers all the tools and features needed to get creative and make the most beautiful videos in seconds.

You don’t have to be a video enthusiast to use FlexClip. It perfectly matches the skills and knowledge of most amateur videographers, helping them to create powerful and short videos that can explain their products and services in the most detailed way.

FlexClip special features

FlexClip is an exclusive service. You may not have come across a similar tool of this variety before. It’s ideal for people looking to create great quality videos but doesn’t have the time to devote to that effort.

No software to install

Do you think it’s impossible? Think again: there is online-only video editing/editing software. Just use your browser to start creating. And in this area, the site that is talking about him at the moment is FlexClip. On this platform, everything is thought out for marketing and social networks. When it comes to promoting a brand, a product, preparing video invitations, or a webinar, it’s a lightweight tool that’s very easy to use.

Rich resources

FlexClip offers 4,000,000+ stock videos and photos, 74,000+ music tracks and sound effects, 3,000,000+ animated elements, 1000+ text animations and overlays, 1,000+ customizable video templates covering intros, outros, etc. The content is not fixed since we will be able to take advantage of new templates for religious holidays, sporting events, birthdays of famous personalities, holidays, etc.

Robust editing tools

It allows you to trim and decide an element-time duration, add a custom watermark, save your video online, share the video using embed code, a sharing link, etc. You can even upload your own fonts, remove your image background, and many more. Try it out. You will be amazed. 

Instantly create storytelling videos

FlexClip is the perfect tool you can use to create short, crisp videos that fit easily into blog posts. Storytelling videos created using this tool are perfect for posting in lists, blog posts, and other varieties of long-form content.

These can even be used as video summaries of publications or quick presentations of products for sale. Such videos can prove very beneficial when it comes to keeping people’s attention intact while hooking them to your website for a very long time.

High-quality storytelling videos made using FlexClip are also excellent for improving the SEO rankings of the sites they are placed on. This happens due to the increase in user dwell time on sites.

The FlexClip interface guides users through the video creation process, simplifying filtering and everything else for users. As a user, you have the option to choose stock images or videos from the tool’s free library.

Once you’ve made that choice, you can place text in boxes and bubbles, then tweak images and timing until you’re delighted. Well, you even have the option of uploading your own images and videos to make your visual content even more engaging and fun.

The interface and the process of creating videos are so intuitive that users will enjoy the whole procedure. Sure, it might take you some time to get used to using FlexClip, but if you start the hang of it, nothing will stop you from creating the most engaging and engaging videos.

Once you get used to the templates of the tool, you’ll have steady hands to create the most beautiful visuals.

Steps to create a video using FlexClip

You need to follow specific steps to create a video using the FlexClip tool. The steps are as follows:

  • First, choose a template from the FlexClip library. You can set the ratio of your video according to your needs.
  • Then start editing the design with the list of options it provides. It’s pretty nice because you just have to choose videos, images, text, animations, and audio from the FlexClip library. You have the option to play with the available content to create your own exclusive video. You can then use advanced editing options like stickers, bubbles, social elements, logos, icons, text, and animations to make your video look more appealing.
  • Now preview the scenes separately or as a whole. You can change the length of scenes as well as their quality and layout.
  • That’s it! Now you can share the finished video on different social media platforms. 


In my opinion, FlexClip is not only a video editor that helps you boost your vlogging career on YouTube or shoot wedding videos but also a live infographic that works wonders in brand promotion and visibility. Try it out now.

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