Free and Paid DVD Ripper Programs

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The process of extracting digital content from containers in parts or in full is called ripping. Ripping as a process was most popularly used for the extraction of MP3 or WAVE form content. Nowadays, when the term is used, it mostly refers to DVD or Blu-ray media content. Even though ripping and copying are the most commonly used terms it is not the same.

Ripping and copying a DVD serve similar purposes as both are done to get similar results. It is undertaken to gain content from one medium and transfer it to another. But these two processes use different methods, so they are not to be confused. Software that carries out the process of ripping a DVD is called a DVD Ripper. When you rip a DVD, you can extract it to your computer hard drive or any external storage device.

When you use a DVD Ripper on your Mac to extract any media content you are given the choice to extract it to your computer storage device, and that is the most commonly used process. A DVD Ripping program accesses the content in the DVD and needs to be used safely. Hence it is suggested to use a paid DVD ripper. There are a lot of free ripping tools available easily, but they don’t assure as much quality as paid Rippers do.

The Advantages of Professional Paid DVD Rippers

  • When you use a ripper, it has a lot of features that contribute to its quality and durability. A paid ripper can extract copy-protected disks. That ensures that no type of file will be restricted from copying, as long as you do it right. It does not stop copy-protected disks and hence has no restrictions.
  • Paid DVD rippers assure stability. They are known for their consistent performance. They do not create any disturbance and do not crash easily.
  • When you use paid rippers, you will get full-time customer support with whatever issues you are facing. You won’t have to change your software with every inconvenience you face.
  • Moreover, you will get software updates as soon as a feature is launched. All your upgrades will be smoothly taken care of by the company.
  • With paid software, you can get access to all the hidden features that do not come with the free version.

The Disadvantages of Free Ripping Tools

  • The free software may contain ads, pop-up or even some bugs. This is due to lack of development fund as the software is free.
  • The support system is not very good as there may don’t even have support team. Also, the time it takes to respond to your questions is longer.
  • The software interface may be not user-friendly.
  • Lack of some program features like unable to rip commercial copy-protected discs, remove region code or lack of editing functions, and more.

The Top 5 DVD Ripper Programs

The following are some of the reliable dvd ripping tools (both Windows and Mac) that you can test and use if you don’t know which program to buy.

  1. MacX DVD Ripper Pro

This is the most reliable and popular Mac dvd ripper available in the market. You can use it to convert almost all types of DVD including commercial discs. The ripping speed is fast and support many output file formats while still able to retain good and quality video output. So, this is a highly recommended program as you can download the trial version for free and any purchase also comes with 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Wondershare UniConverter

This is one of the best movie converters for a Mac. It is a 100% secure virus free and recognized as a major media converter in the world. It provides a free trial before purchase and has a variety of purchase options. This software has been in the industry for a long time and is tested as a great performer.

  • WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

In this DVD ripper for Windowspaid version you get a set of exclusive features at an affordable price. It provides you with different price plans varying with the number of devices and the duration of the subscription. It is an extremely convenient software that is widely accepted.

  • DVDFab DVD Ripper

It is one of the dvd software that provides excellent DVD converting services along with great features for subscriptions. It’s a stable software that always updates from time to time to ensure any bugs get fixed quickly. It is verified for its safety and is priced fairly and affordable for its use.

  • Handbrake (Free Tool)

Handbrake is one of the best free and open-source dvd program for PC and Mac. It support almost all home DVDs but if you want to rip copy-protected dvd you have to use the 3rd-party encoder. The ripping process is slow but the output quality is quite promising. 

All these software have a wide range of features and vary for its use. All of them have several plan options (except Handbrake is free). Their prices vary from the number of devices and time for service.

When you pick a paid service it is better to compare its features and prices and decide which one works best for you. All of them are great software with good services. But their features might slightly differ. So it is better to understand your own usage needs and then buy the one that fulfills your needs.

Features to compare while choosing the dvd ripping tool:

  • Licensing prices
  • Operating Systems supported
  • Security ratings
  • Supported output formats
  • Video editing options
  • Software Testing ratings

Once you have verified your use with the available features of that software you are good to go. Your DVD content is in safe hands. You can extract it to your computer or external storage. You can get your subscription, and you are ready to Rip DVDs without any technical trouble. Don’t forget to use them safely and follow the copyright protection laws.

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