Use the Best Free iPhone Data Recovery Software to Restore Your Data

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Phones and data are few things in this generation that people lived with and for. So, data loss and its restoration are a common phenomenon now. The data you delete from your device does not get deleted permanently, just get overwritten by newer data. In the case of the iPhone, the restoration of data is more possible, with the help of adequate software. Plenty of free iPhone data recovery software is available in the market, but Dr.fone is the one you need to get back the data you want easily.

What is Dr.fone?

It is free iPhone data recovery software from the house of Wondersharethat also provides a service to recover iPhone data after restore. The software has built its trust among the customers after a long service for years. The trustworthiness speaks for the software. The software makes the process of restoring data in any mobile device easy and assuring mainly in the case of iPhone. The recovered data are then restored too with the help of the same software.

What are the features Dr.fone provides?

There are several free iPhone data recovery software that claim to be the best, but Dr.fone also recover iPhone data after restore. The data are important to you, you can’t risk them. The free iPhone recovery software has the following features to provide the best service in the market,

  • The major areas the customers looked for are safety and reliability.
  • The higher success rate of recovery with your device. This suggests whether your device has the chance of complete data recovery.
  • The compatibility to work with the iOS version, especially the one you are using. Otherwise the totals  recover iPhone data after restore gets affected.
  • Type of files they are being able to recover, like contacts, photos, videos, messages, notes, and others. The more files the software recovers, increases its credibility.
  • The amount of technical skills you need to use the free iPhone data recovery software and recover iPhone data after restore

With all these features the free iPhone data recovery software becomes quite reasonable and easily identifiable in the software markets. You must not choose software that is not perfect to use to  recover iPhone data after restore as they don’t possess all the features mentioned above.

The services Dr.fone provides?

The first free iPhone data recovery software in the world is supported in all the operating systems of iOS, present now in the market. The iPhone recovery software provides a list of services exclusive for the iPhone,

  • Whatever may be the reason for data loss, like damaged by water, broken, loss of device or carelessly deleted all get recovered, with the feature of recover iPhone data after restore.
  • Along with the specific files of data, contacts, call list, messages, important notes, photos, and videos are also restored.
  • Direct recovery from the files dedicated to iOS, iTunes, and iClouds can be completed with this free iPhone data recovery software.
  • The free iPhone recovery software allows you to decide which data to restore and which not. The selective preview option guarantees you to select and restore the data and then recover iPhone data after restore.


The free iPhone recovery software has some basic advantages:

  1. The interface of the free iPhone data recovery software is very clear, helpful and easy to be used by everyone.
  2. The speed to recover iPhone data after restore is quite higher than other software available.
  3. As the lost files can be viewed and selected before the recovery process, the user gets to choose the important data to restore and can leave the unnecessary one.
  4. Another important aspect of the software is that it is flexible with all the versions of iOS.

Factory settings

Sometimes the devices are restored to factory settings for several reasons and the data lost are recovered here too in the same process. As the data gets overwritten due to the reset option but here the techniques are a bit different as the data gets too overwritten and the free iPhone data recovery softwareneeds the support of recover iPhone data after restore feature to provide better service. In such cases, otherwise the recovery can be done from iTunes and iClouds first. 

If you have not backup your data in the services like iTunes and iClouds, you cannot restore them in the devices with more updated features. Recover iPhone Data Lost after Restoring to Factory Settings with the free iPhone data recovery software in three easy ways other than restoring from iTunes and iClouds. The three ways to recover the iPhone data are-

  • Scanning the iOS devices to recover the data like photos, videos, contact, call history etc.
  • Then extracting all the data in preview with iTunes and iClouds backup service.
  • Then selecting the ones, you need to restore and then save them again from those backups.

The free iPhone data recovery software allows the device to access all the data  after the recover iPhone data after restore process with help of other services like WhatsApp and mail ids and the Google account you have in your device. You can connect the iTunes and iCloud with data and then click on the Dr.fone logo to have your device scanned and proceed further in any kind of recovery process. After extracting the data from the backups, you can log out of iCloud.

Dr.fone the free iPhone data recovery software is safe as it does not record the data in its interface. That is why logging in the iClouds and iTunes in the process to recover iPhone data after restore from the data recovery software remains secure. In fact, the downloaded recovered files are also stored only in your device and no other software can access those data. Data theft is a phenomenon people are dealing with caution nowadays, so while using new free software for data recovery it is essential to keep the data safe and secure. You can have the best experience with the free data recovery software for your iPhone and recovering the data after restoring them successfully.

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