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Top 5 Types Of Garage Door Locks

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Top 5 Types Of Garage Door Locks

A garage is an influential part of your home, and it serves plenty of purposes. Garages provide a space for securely storing your vehicles and as a space for storing your possessions and indulge in your hobbies. Garages also have another role to play as a broader gateway to your home, which is useful for moving large objects to or from your home. 

The garage door influences the appearance of your home as the location of garages is mostly at the front.  A large entrance to your home, garage doors are potential weak spots in the security of your home that thieves can take advantage of to gain entry to the inside of your home. Garages are the place in a house where most people store their valuables, such as a family heirloom, and it serves as an incentive for the smugglers. 

There are several variations of garage door locks available, and you can choose one depending on your budget and requirements. There are also keyless garage door locks which are useful if you always forget to take the keys to your garage door. If you are a homeowner who is unfamiliar with the garage door locks, then this article will help you by listing 5 of the best types of garage door locks that you can use. 

1. Traditional Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are a traditional locking system that also provides structural strength to the garage door. These locks are ideal for use if your garage has an entry door and you may open the door only by moving the lock to the open position. The deadbolt locks have one or more lock cylinders that you must rotate to position for opening or closing.

Garage Door Locks

The single-cylinder deadbolt lock requires the use of a key from the outside to open the lock and a knob for opening from the inside. The double cylinder lock requires the use of a key to unlock from both the inside as well as outside. The deadbolt locks are more secure than spring bolt types as they require considerable effort and time to move the deadbolt lock without a key. 

2. Side Door Deadbolt Locks

Side door deadbolt lock is one of the most common garage door locks, and their installation on the inside of the garage door hides them from view. Since they are not visible on the outside, thieves can not tamper with them to unlock the garage door. The position of the lock is on the side track of the garage door, and it consists of a bolt and receiving track. 

You need to slide the bolt into the lock from the inside for locking the garage door. The side mount deadbolt lock has a low cost, and it has a simple design that offers adequate protection from intruders. This type of garage door lock is a good match for most kinds of garage doors. 

3. T-handle Garage Door Locks

The T-handle garage door lock is popular on metallic garage doors, and it may come as the default lock from the door manufacturer. This type of lock has a handle with a keyhole, and they use keys that have a peculiar circular shape, which is difficult to replicate. 

Garage Door Locks

T-handle garage doors are also suitable for thicker garage doors and wooden garage doors where bolts are not suitable. The lock is operable from both the inside and the outside and it is not possible to unlock the T-handle garage door lock without the key. 

4. Keyless Digital Locks

Losing your garage keys can be a major inconvenience if you are in a hurry and the keyless digital lock system allows you to forget about your garage keys. This locking system is also useful if you need to share access to your garage door to a large number of people as you do not need to provide everyone with keys. These locks grant a high level of security and arrive with a lifetime warranty against intruders as thieves can not pick or bump the lock. 

Instead of a keyhole, this lock has a programmable digital number pad with which you can secure your garage door with a security code. The number pad uses durable silicone keys which do not show wear on the keypad and expose your lock code. You can also use a keyless lock system that you can unlock by using the security pin through your smartphone. 

5. Electronic Garage Locks

Electronic garage locks use a high level of technology, and instead of a key and lock, it uses the biometric system for providing access. The electronic garage lock system uses your fingerprint, which you have to input through a biometric scan for unlocking the garage door. 

Garage door locks

You can give access to your family by inputting their fingerprints as the locking system can support multiple fingerprints. The electronic garage lock is the most expensive of garage door security locks but also provides the highest level of security to your garage. If your home has an alarm system, you can easily extend it to your garage door by using wireless sensors. 


Security is paramount in a home to safeguard the best interests of your family and all your possessions. Garages are the most common entry points of thieves inside a home as it is likely to have the least security. People often leave their garage doors open or unlocked due to laziness or carelessness, which provides an easy opportunity for burglars. 

To protect your home completely, you will need to secure all the weak points, such as your garage door, to prevent any loss. Nowadays, many metallic garage doors integrate security features in their design. If you own an older garage door such as a wooden door, you need to consider upgrading the security equipment as the older ones are easier to circumvent. Garage door locks are the primary security feature that you must equip to every garage door. 

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