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Folderly: Get Yourself Out Of Your Client’s Gmail Spam Folder And Expand Your Reach

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The world has indeed become a very advanced place thanks to the internet. Earlier, the only way to market, or reach out to customers, or spread your ideas was to spread them physically or by word of mouth. However, with the advent of the internet, it takes only minutes to reach out to your potential and present customers.

Social media presence is one of the major things that all companies consider given the humongous access it provides and the fact that it keeps growing. However, along with all other social media, email marketing is given a priority as well. However, as beneficial as email marketing is, due to its spam features, sometimes it is very difficult to reach out to potential customers as your emails directly reach their spam folder instead of their primary inbox.

This is done to protect the email user from unnecessary emails. Sometimes, however, email service providers may make a mistake in assessing the email and send it to your client/customer’s spam inbox hence drastically reducing your reach and impacting your business. One big example of this is the Gmail spam folder. Gmail is one of the best email service providers and makes sure that their email users are never bothered by spam emails. 

Since Gmail is one of the most widely used email service providers, it is important that you as a business owner find your way out of your client’s gmail spam folder so that your reach is not negatively impacted. However, one flaw about most email service providers is that you cannot really know how many of your sent emails reached the client’s primary mail and how many went to their spam box. This is where email deliverability services come in.

Email deliverability

Email deliverability services like Folderly will help you immensely with all your email deliverability concerns. The first thing it will do will test your email deliverability rate. This is the rate that determines what percentage of your sent emails are reaching your client’s and subscriber’s inbox and what percentage is reaching their spam folders. Since it is a rate, it is measured out of 100. A good email deliverability rate is believed to be above 70%. Below 70% is dire and needs immediate attention. With email deliverability services provided by Folderly, you can reach an email deliverability rate of 100% and drastically increase your reach. The various positive reviews on the internet are only a further proof of Folderly’s amazing ability to produce amazing results.

So how does Folderly work?

Folderly makes a big difference in your email deliverability issues by performing very simple tasks. Folderly will take your email and send emails from your email to Folderly’s email ids to test how good your email deliverability is. Once the email deliverability rate is determined, what folderly will do is that it will conduct other tests and carefully scrutinise all your problems and will provide you with the best solution. All this is done by a very quick procedure that barely takes minutes off your schedule. Folderly’s email deliverability services are highly recommended by professionals in the business world. Their result oriented approach helps them to solve all your deliverability problems and that too with some simple and quick tests and procedures.

Why did your email go to your client’s spam folder?

There are many reasons why your email went to your client’s spam folder. Email service providers have greatly increased their restrictions and try to protect their users at all costs. Given the internet is sometimes an unsafe place, this is done to protect the user from any external threats that may be trying to get some personal information that may benefit them. This is rightly done and done for the best interests of the users. However, sometimes these email service providers send legit emails like yours to the client’s spam box. It then becomes your responsibility to make sure that this does not happen again. There are a variety of reasons why your emails may be going to your user’s spam box. Here are a few:

  • Suspicious subject 
  • Lots of grammatical errors.
  • Excessively long body of email.
  • Unnecessary number of links provided.

These are only a few legit reasons as to why your emails aren’t getting sent. There are many other reasons as well that may not be visible to you without taking an email deliverability test. This is why email deliverability service providers like folderly are here for you. It takes a lot of in-depth analysis and scrutiny to get to the root of an email deliverability problem and the only way to do that is to get an email deliverability test done. So if you are someone who faces deliverability issues regularly, this may be the right time to contact Folderly.

Folderly will help you get amazing results without having to spend a fortune on the same. Most email deliverability services charge a fortune for their services that may result in a hole in your pockets. But Folderly provides you with the best plans so that you can get the job done at an affordable rate. Given the amazing expert services provided by Folderly, the rates charges are very reasonable and also affordable. So whether you are a small business or a big corporate, you will surely come across a plan that suits you and meets all your needs.

Email deliverability is one of the major problems faced by bloggers, online business people and corporates and persons who have or want to make a substantial online presence. Given the huge number of people tiring to build online business these days, the competition is very difficult. Email deliverability problems add to the hurdles you may face when it comes to expanding your online presence. This is where Folderly comes into the scene. With Folderly’s amazing services, you will get a 100% email deliverability rate and also benefit substantially in other fields. So now that you know how amazing Folderly is and how it can benefit you, come and get registered with us. The only way to experience our amazing services is to join us. Visit us and choose from a wide range of services.

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