5 Best Group Meeting Apps for Any Business

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Meeting trustworthy software is essential for teams working remotely or collaborating worldwide in a more digital world. Using meeting apps, people can meet, share, and work together from anywhere they have Wi-Fi, even on their smartphone or tablet.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or a big company. You still need a way to hold a meeting. There are a lot of meeting apps out there. Find out more about each of them here.. Zoom is the most economical video conferencing solution for small business today.

Top Group Meeting Apps For Your Business

Here is a list of the most popular tools people use for meeting calls and video conferences. All the meeting apps listed below are the best video conferencing solutions for small business and larger organizations.


Zoom is one of the most used meeting apps because it has high-definition video calls, screen sharing from a desktop or a mobile device, and many other valuable things. As time goes on, Zoom is becoming one of the best video meeting apps out there.

What do you get:

  • You can text or send pictures or audio files during meetings. 
  • They can join meetings from their phones or tablets through wifi or cellular networks.

On-Stream Meetings:

Onstream can use a collaborative whiteboard and share your screen. One thing that makes Onstream unique is that it can hold 1,000 people for a meeting. 

What do you get:

  • The top toolbar has easy-to-use buttons for screen sharing, file sharing, drawing tools, and polling.
  • You can give files to everyone in the room or just a few people or make them available for download after the meeting.


GoToMeeting is another option that allows efficient video conferencing and all other perks. Everything is easy and simple to use.

What do you get:

  • You get access to video, screen sharing, personalized meeting URLs, and the ability to join meetings from a computer or a smartphone are some reasons people use GoToMeeting.
  • Teams can also use whiteboards to annotate and highlight the person’s screen giving the presentation. has everything you need in a small package that doesn’t take up a lot of space. In more than 40 countries, this service can be used by teams worldwide.

What do you get:

  • Record meetings, join from a mobile device, share your screen, transfer files, and quickly change presenters. 
  • You can also quickly switch presenters. Besides, you can also record meetings with this app. 
  • The URL and background can also be changed to make your meeting space stand out.
  •  None of the downloads take a long time, and there are no technical problems.


They have a wide range of tools for all kinds of things, including web conferencing, mobile conferencing, video conferencing, or webinar tools. ReadyTalk is another option for small businesses because its subscription plans aren’t as pricey as other solutions. 

What do you get:

  • It can also be used with Google Calendar and other popular tools like Outlook and Lync.
  • You can ask a customer service rep from ReadyTalk to join your meeting and help you right away with technical problems. They will do this at your request. 
  • Then, instead of worrying about what might go wrong, just think about having a great meeting.

How to choose a good business group meeting app?

It’s better for people who work from home to have video calls that make them feel like they’re talking to each other face-to-face; A “must-have” item. That doesn’t mean that everything that costs a lot doesn’t work out to be the best.

You need to think about which tool will help your business communicate in a new way. Take your time and choose the right thing. We hope you’ve been able to make a good decision after reading our comparison and explanation.

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