One Page Hip-hop Genius Websites and Its Benefits for a Music Promo

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Music business management is a stiff process that needs time and experience; you have to ensure you create a valuable plan to avoid shortcomings from the beginning. Learning the music promotion skills in your genre will significantly affect your prosperity as an artist. You should ensure that you know the significant essentials of music.  

An inherent part of building a digital presence for a musician is creating a website.

If you decided to build a website for the first time or intend to improve your site, this article would give you tips to make a website and sell Hip-Hop music. With your website, you have a part of the internet. Social media platforms allow you to lease the space from companies, and you can always change the rules, look, or disappear.

As long as you continue to renew your domain name, industry members and fans will find you with ease. Why do you need a website as a musician? 

Why do you need a website?

  1. It makes you look more professional.

With your website, you would look more serious about your music career. It sends a message to fans, media brokers, and other professionals that you are ready for business. It also gives your fans all the information they need in one spot.

  1. You call the shots.

Unlike with various social media platforms, you can control the branding and design. No ads nor distractions or even countless links disturb visitors searching for information about the artist. 

  1. Essential data.

The website allows you to control your own data. This data can highlight tours and shows as well as merch. It also gives the artist insight into the progress of your promotional efforts.

  1. Sell music to fans directly

A website allows you to sell your music to your fans directly. If you have a music discography, a website can also help you monetize it. This applies to singles or albums as well.

How to design your website

The first thing you see in a good website is the template followed by fonts, colors, and imagery. Start by choosing a template for your website. The template helps you customize your content and design. There are a few things to do when selecting a template, consider the header image layout. If you want ample space for the header image or something that can contain portrait images, you can feel it. If you also want extra room for the call to action, you can add it. 

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, you can also use a template that fits well with a background or video header.

It would help if you considered where to place your menu button. Where would you prefer it to be, above the image of the header or below? If possible, you could place a vertical sidebar menu.

The content width is another consideration to make. Do you want to add sections with images in the background? Do you want to add sidebars and music players? Then you can create some room for the content on the page while choosing your template.

The color is also essential. You can choose a website template by color. If you don’t want so many customizations, then select a template that blends in with your brand.

While selecting a template, ensure that it is mobile-friendly. Google punishes sites that do not optimize their templates to be mobile-friendly. You need to check if the selected template works well on smartphones. It should also look good on other screens like tablets, laptops, and mobile devices.

It’s rarely simple and takes a special kind of individual to prevail in the free music industry. An individual tries never to give up and gets joined with the gritty determination to keep going regardless of how hard it gets. If you will have the chance to chat with several artists about their craft and genuinely get a knowledge of what effects in this industry, as a digital stage focused on presenting independent Rap artists from everywhere throughout the world, Follow are some strategies to make sure to get success in Hip-Hop craft 

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