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How An SEO-Friendly Website Can Help Your Marketing

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A user-friendly website can be the heart of your marketing strategy. Does focusing on building an SEO-friendly website needs to be your priority? 

Nowadays the easiest and most effective way to market your product is your website. So building it with the purpose of marketing as your main focus should be the call. You should of course pay attention to having a design that has both function and form, as you want your website to be appealing to the consumers. But you have to be aware not to focus exclusively on the form. You have to pay attention to the function of the website, otherwise, it won’t be much effective, no matter how attractive it is. 

The success of your website lies in having a solid SEO framework, making the site easy to find and can sync well with the other marketing strategies you have online. There are professionals who can create such a website for you. Check out the website design from Digitrio to see how a website can uplift your revenue.

Why Should You Focus On SEO

A great way to get new prospects to your site is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). when a person searches for a particular service on google and your company is the provider of that service, you want your website to top the search result. This is of utmost importance because most consumers don’t even look at the search results on the second, third, or fourth page in Google. If your website does not appear on the first page of the search results, it will be missed by the majority of the consumers.

Do A Keyword Search

Doing keyword research at the beginning of the website design process will ensure getting higher rankings on search results. The best way to do this is first figuring out what terms would typically be used to search for the product or service that is provided by your business. This could be a long list, remember to write everything down that comes to your mind. You can take the help of Google Search Console to identify some of the more popular terms that are already bringing in users to your site. This can help if you want to reframe your thoughts about the contents of the list. Narrow down the list to 15-20 items. These should be the specific ones that are more in tune with the service you are providing and corresponds with what the customer is searching for.

Replicate You Thoughts To A Search Engine

Google crawls through different sites seeking out the information that matches the results of a search. Google’s way of going through a site is very different from the way a human would see it. For this reason, you must make as much of your content as possible in HTML text format. Google’s bots often don’t see flash content, images, or Javascript when it is crawling a site checking for information. So if most of the information of what your company does is in these dynamic formats then your site might get skipped when Google is looking for relevant phrases or words corresponding to the consumer’s search. 

You can use Google Cache Checker to see how your website appears to Google. If the pages in your website appear mostly blank in this tool then you need to restructure the site to make contents appear in HTML. otherwise, Google will keep missing the majority of your content when it crawls your website. 

Consider The Structure Of Your Website

Considering the way a search engine viewed your site is just part of the process. You also need to ensure that the site you build has a structure that makes sense to visitors and SEO alike. A helpful way to organize the flow of your content can be to create a site map. This will address a few factors such as how the visitors will get from one relevant information to another piece of information while browsing through your site. Which information do you want to group together? How can you structure the content of your website to make the journey easier for your visitor?  

After the user’s aspect comes the SEO structure perspective. You must ensure that the search engines can see all your content so the link structure of your site must be crawl-friendly to the search engines. There are quite a few reasons that can hamper the information in your site from getting crawled effectively, these include placing the links within java contents that search engines cant crawl if the page is hidden behind a submission form or if the site has too many links. Be sure to avoid these scenarios when designing your web site.

Include Great Content

Creating a website, and making it appealing and functional will be without any value if the content in your site is below average. The main purpose of the content should be to make your business achieve a leading authority in the field that you have targetted. The content is what will build the faith between your business and the consumer and convinces them to buy the product or service you are offering. You need to be coming up with rich new content so that the customers are encouraged to come back for more information. 

The updated content keeps your business at the top of the customer’s mind and encourages them to repeat their purchase and to refer your business to others. You can also drive customers to your website by regularly adding a stream of engaging, valuable content to your website. You should house all the content such as case studies, white papers, blog posts, webinars, and podcasts on your website. Then you can share the links of all these valuable contents by newsletters and social media, driving more traffic to your website. 

Parting Thoughts

Your website must have a solid approach to SEO or it will not be effective, no matter how attractive it is. Your website is easily the centrepiece of your online marketing strategy so you have to invest your energy, money, and resources to create a site that has both the form and the function to make it an effective marketing tool.

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