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How Many Backlinks Does My Website Need If It Is New?

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Do you have a new website that has just launched? This is an exciting time if you are starting your own business or taking your brand to the next level. Everybody knows that having a presence on Google and having an SEO strategy is going to make sure that you are able to be discovered by the right audience.

In particular, you want to create backlinks in order to build your authority on Google. You can enjoy regular traffic, as well as gain exposure and enjoy a good reputation. Before you know it, your new website can be up and running successfully. But, how many backlinks will your website need if it is new? Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

How Many Backlinks Will My Website Require?

When it comes to business owners, everybody wants to know the exact number of backlinks they have to create. It can be nice to have a goal you can aim for. Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news. If you are looking for the exact magic number of how many backlinks you need to create for a new website, there is not one. It is difficult to say definitely how many you need to start ranking on the first page of Google.

Therefore, how many backlinks you need to create comes down to a few factors. Namely, it can depend on the industry you are in, how many competitors you have and even just how new your website really is. To gain a better idea, you can read this blog post by Linkplicity. The content goes into more detail and can help you play your SEO strategy. Again, there is no magic number. This is still going to be up to you how many backlinks you create. But, there is a host of information that can help you decide on the number you want to aim for.

Focus on Quality and Not Quantity

There is an old saying that rings true when we are talking about backlinks. It is all about quality and not quantity. A lot of website owners are focused on creating a lot of backlinks and churning out several every week so that they can see the results they want, such as a boost in traffic. But, if the quality is not right, you will be wasting your time and all of your efforts will see no results.

Thus, try not to get caught up on the numbers when it comes to backlinks for your new website. the priority should be creating quality backlinks as this is what is going to allow you to rank better. Indeed, they say that one quality backlink could perform better than 10 low-quality backlinks. 

What is a Quality Backlink?

 Do you understand what is meant by a quality backlink? This is going to be very important for your new website. Essentially, this is when your website is able to enjoy having a backlink from a popular website that has an established audience. You will hear this referred to as a high domain authority website. This is the phrase used to describe a website that is trusted by people and Google.

How will you know what a high domain authority website looks like? Well, there are online tools that are going to alert you to this. Essentially, every domain is going to have a ranking from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the more trusted that website is on the internet. Ideally, you want to be getting backlinks with websites that have a ranking of 60 to 100. Alternatively, you can benefit from a domain rating of 40 to 60 too.  

If you discover that some websites have a low domain rating, you have to be cautious. For example, it might mean that you have to create more links to compensate. In addition, a very low rating could be classed as a spam website and you might want to stay away from them in order not to damage your new domain.

Just realize that it can be difficult to get backlinks with high domain websites. Take your time and focus on creating quality content and working hard to get them. Remember, a few quality backlinks are going to work better for you and your ranking. You also want those websites to be related to your niche so that they have a relevant audience that you can benefit from.

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