How Much Does It Cost To Make A Medical App?

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There are more and more talks available in the technology field, related to mobile medical applications and healthcare apps. In order to create an efficient health care mobile application, it is necessary to create an application with some innovations. 

You might have been known about the developments in the medical field, and medical applications for doctors should also possess those innovative features and options. A vast number of software developers are available all around the world. You have to approach the best one to develop a reliable platform for health care. Let’s see how much it costs to make a medical application in this modern world. 

How much does it cost to build medical app?

There are different types of medical applications available in the medical industry and application’s costs will be based on its type of mobile application, the complexity involved in the medical application, features and options of the application, and platforms that are used to develop the application. According to today’s world, the average amount for developing the medical application will cost up to $425,000. In the average amount, more than 47 percent of the cost used for the development process, and 11 percent used for the marketing purpose. 

Types of Healthcare Mobile applications 

Different types of healthcare mobile applications are available in the medical field, and the cost of the application depends on the type of medical application, you are going to develop. The following are some of the types of mobile applications. 

Emergency Care application 

As the name indicates, the emergency care application can be used to reach nearby hospitals in emergency conditions. 

The cost of the emergency care application features will be based on the features like the shortest path to reach the clinic, doctor’s availability, and travel time. 

Pregnancy Application 

You might have noticed that pregnant women are using the pregnancy application to know about their health condition. 

The main reason for the usage of the pregnancy application is to schedule the appointment with the respective doctors. Apart from this, the pregnancy application will help pregnant women to know about child care and many more. 

Fitness and health care mobile applications 

In order to improve the fitness level and to take care of health in the best ways, people are installing fitness and health care mobile applications. 

The application is providing the diet plan for the person, who wants to have weight loss and weight gain. In addition to the diet plan, it also contains information about the Burn out calories, heartbeats, and nutritional information. 

Tracking application 

With the help of tracking applications, the doctors are able to monitor and track the health of the patients. The tracking applications are mostly used by the patients, who are all suffering from cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, and heart related diseases. The main advantage of using the tracking application, the patient will have a gentle reminder to intake their regular tablets and prescriptions. 

Features of Medical Mobile application 

The below-mentioned are the common features of the medical mobile application.

User profile 

The first and foremost feature that is considered to develop the medical application is creating a user profile for the patients in order to differentiate them. In order to create a user profile, the health care mobile application should be available with registration and authentication form. You should develop the application that is having an individual login id and password. Instead of creating the login id with the user name, you can provide access to use the email accounts or any social media accounts to log in to the medical application. The registration process should contain the name of the patient, age, gender, disease name, and many more.


The next important factor that should be considered while developing the medical application is the dashboard. The dashboards are available with notifications and gentle reminders for the appointments and prescriptions. 

Appointment sections 

Your medical mobile application should be available with the appointment sections in order to schedule an appointment with the doctors and specialists. Apart from this, the health care mobile application should contain access to chat or call options in order to make contact with the doctors to clarify the queries.

Payments and billing 

Another important feature that should be included in the medical mobile application is the payments and billing options. It should be available with the features to shop the tablets and prescriptions online. In order to have the payment and billing features, it is recommended to use safer platforms to avoid the entry of cybercrime criminals. 

Final Words – Cost To Develop Medical App

The above-mentioned are some of the important features and types of health care medical applications. With the help of this article, you are known about the cost of developing medical applications. You have to choose the best application developer online and develop a reliable health care application with reliable features and options. 

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