How Technology Helps Students to Study Smarter Not Harder

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The process of studying has changed immensely over the last few years, even decades. From hard copy books, pens, libraries, and written notes on yellow pads, we have evolved to online classrooms, shared virtual libraries, and so much more. Technology has influenced every aspect of our lives, and education and studying are one of them. We can thank our laptops and tablets that we are able to participate in a lecture and make a presentation in our living room, on a bus, or while having a little vacation in an exotic destination. Moreover, with the help of different apps, online libraries, and digital visual boards we are able to learn more quickly and effectively. Thus, we bring you a few tips on how technology can help you study smarter and with ease. 

Use the advantages of cloud storage 

Having all of your notes, planers, and in general, all of the necessary materials sorted and stored in one place will make life and studying much easier for you. This is exactly what cloud storage services represent and it is no wonder students worldwide use them on a daily basis. Another great thing about this kind of technological advancement is that you can see, change, and upload your files from basically anyplace, as long as you have internet access. No need to carry a USB stick (do we even remember these anymore) or an external hard drive. 

Digital libraries offer everything you need and more

Every student knows how frustrating it can be when you head off to your university library only to find out that they don’t have the book or literature you need. So, you then need to wait until the book is returned or you have to go search bookstores to buy the much-needed book. However, technology has helped us even in this area, as most books and studying materials, even the additional ones, can nowadays be found in digital libraries. For example, if you study at the University of Southampton, you can find many helpful Southampton docs online and adjust the search depending on the subject you want to find more about. This way you can get access to documents that have been checked so that you can learn and get more information about a vast number of topics. You should always make sure that the materials you find online have been checked and are reliable for you to use while studying for an exam or making a presentation. The best is to opt for one trustworthy online spot where you can get access to all the docs you will need while being a student. 

Don’t underestimate the power of an online calendar

Like most young people, you may think that calendars are outdated and only used by our grandparents. The truth is that you couldn’t be any more in the wrong, as an app in which you may put in all the important dates, such as exams, deadlines, student meetings, and more, can help you learn more efficiently and thus leaves you with more free time and less stress. A good online calendar helps you organize better and keeps you safe from forgetting anything crucial, as you can set it so that you get an early reminder about an upcoming event (make sure that you get a notification both on your phone and laptop, so you don’t miss it). You will see how relieved you feel knowing that you don’t need to memorize, for instance, all the deadlines in the next few months, as you know that you will get reminded about them a week or more before. Moreover, you can establish a routine and check your calendar every morning so that you can plan out your schedule for the next few days. Another great thing about this kind of app is that you don’t have to keep them only reserved for your academic matters; feel free to put in any planned parties, trips, friends’ birthdays, coffee dates, and so much more. 

Specific tools for different subjects

With the advancement in technology, different apps, as well as devices, have been developed that may help you study a certain subject. For instance, if you are an architecture major, you can get hold of a 3D printer and see your idea of a building in real life (just a smaller version). This may help you realize where to make improvements and what elements to add that you didn’t remember to put in your initial plan drawing. On the other hand, various grammar apps help you check your grammar and improve your essays. Especially if you are learning a new language, these kinds of apps can help you see why not to use a certain word, have to make the right collocations, use proper tense, and also help you enrich your vocabulary. 

Finally, we can say that with help of these tips, studying can become interesting and you can get a better grasp of the topic you are preparing for your next exam. With ease, you will become one of the best students and will also have more free time to enjoy your university days. 

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