How to Become a Football Commentator

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Being a football commentator would be a dream job for many fans of the game. This certainly isn’t something that is easy to get into though, only a select few lucky people get the chance to commentate on football games for our enjoyment. 

The duties of a commentator are to explain the game to us, and also offer insight into what is happening where they feel they have something to give to us. 

We often see many football commentators and pundits teaming up with gambling companies, especially if they are in Europe. These companies have bet offers available to new players and use big personalities like commentators to help promote their brand. 

But what does it actually take to become a commentator? This is a three step process in place that those who are interested should follow. 

Earn Your Degree

The first thing you need to do is get your education behind you. It is vital to get a degree in broadcasting of some sort if you want to get ahead of the game and give yourself any chance of being a commentator. 

This will teach you everything you need to know across the years of your degree, so you have the knowledge behind you when you get out and get a job. During this time, you may want to start getting yourself a following on social media at this point and showing off your skills at an early stage.

This is all good experience that will stand you in good stead when moving forward. 

On the Job Training

There is nothing like experience and this is when you need to get it. On the job training is required, you can’t just walk into a big role, you will need to start at the bottom. 

For many this is starting off on small radio stations, you won’t automatically be commentating on Premier League games. This time will give you a valuable insight into how things work, and a base for you to learn from. 

There is also the chance to network here. You can get speaking to people either within the company you are working for, or those you meet while you go about your business.

Gain Experience

Want to get to the top? You’ll have to work for it. Many commentators will begin further down the pecking order, either with small broadcasting companies or in different roles all together. Here you need to show off your skills and pick up as much on-air experience as you can find. 

It is only when you have demonstrated your abilities that you can begin to apply for positions higher up the ladder and look at bigger leagues and events to cover. This is where you will be able to join in with some of the biggest names in broadcasting, and they will have all followed the path you are planning to take.

The road is hard, and few jobs are at the end of it, but if you have a dream of being a football commentator, this is what you need to do. 

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