How to Buy Used Cars in Dubai?

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Are you trying to buy a new automobile in the UAE? Well, the choice is endless and you just have to study the market to grab some handsome deals. We will recommend you to get weekly or monthly car rental services in Dubai if your stay is for a limited time. But, if you are going to work or stay in Dubai then buying an automobile is the best option. 

People buy used automobiles for personal use from the individual dealer or dealership agencies that are scattered across the country. Read this article to find out how to buy and what things you need to consider while buying a used car. 

Know your vehicle type:

Before you start looking for the used automobiles in the market, make up your mind what type of car you are looking for? Is it the luxury vehicle you are looking for, or it is a 4WD, sports car, or just a regular vehicle. 

Keep your budget in mind:

While buying a new or used vehicle, you should be clear about your maximum budget. Your budget also includes insurance, finance, and ownership changes. You should also know that you have to spend some cost on initial maintenance like battery charges or fluid, etc. 

When you are clear about these 2 points, you have the basic idea about what you want, and in what budget. Also, you need to be specific about the brand of car you prefer. When you are done, go online and search for your favorite one in different forums and websites. It is not important to buy used vehicles online but after doing this you have a complete idea before you approach the sellers. 

Where to buy used cars?

Well, you can buy used cars online or offline. It all depends on you. If you are buying your vehicle offline you have the choice to buy the car from the dealers or any private individual. We will recommend you to buy the vehicle from the private dealers especially if the car is less than 4 years old. It is because your automobile must be 20 to 30% more expensive if you would buy it from dealers. 

If you are looking for a car that is less than 5 years old, from the automobiles dealers, they would only offer you the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The private individual offers you the same warranty but it would be at a very low price. The best thing is you are covered if anything goes wrong. 

How to deal with private car sellers?

When you are dealing with private sellers, you can persuade them to drop their prices by at least 20 to 25 percent. When you are looking for a car, add all those cars that are 25% more expensive than your total budget. For example: if your budget is Dh 20,000, look for the cars that are priced at Dh 25,000 while dealing with individuals. 

What to do after spotting your favorite automobile

If you want to drive a luxury vehicle for a few days just search rent a car Dubai and rent out your favorite automobile for a day or week. But, if you spotted the car to buy, read the advertisement carefully. Check out all the details and clear pictures. Never try to deal with the people who have listed the vehicle without clear images or acceptable description. 

Also, when you meet the car owner, ask some of the basic questions and these are as follows:

  • Why are they selling their vehicle?
  • For about how much time they owned the vehicle?
  • Is there any defect in the car or if it has ever been in an accident?
  • How many people owned this vehicle in the past?

Also, ask for service records of the car and read them carefully. Avoid the vehicle if they ever have been in a serious accident. Bring your torchlight to see the engine bay and a fridge style weak magnet to check for Bondo or body fillers. Take the proper test drive before buying it. Also, don’t get emotional, walk away if the price is not right as there are tons of automobiles in the market. 


We have mentioned all the important things to consider before buying a used vehicle. Again, buy the car only if you truly need it. For temporary use, you can rent a car in Dubai on a daily or monthly car rental basis. 

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