How to choose a wig?

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A large number of women wear a wig for purely cosmetic purposes. For example, wearing a blonde wig occasionally, without having to dye your black hair blonde. On the other hand, this is not always done out of fantasy or just to change your look. The sections below present practical information and advice on how to choose a wig made of natural hair or synthetic hair.

Cases where wigs may be essential:

We first explain why a wig may be necessary, in certain situations:

– In some cases, wearing a hair prosthesis is indeed linked to a disease such as Alopecia.

– In other cases, it is needed after hair loss caused by Cancer treatment. In fact, chemotherapy (chemo) almost always causes hair loss. This can last a few months.

– Hair loss can also be due to hereditary factors, especially in men.

– Also, other factors can explain this phenomenon: stress, strong emotions, accident, etc.

Wigs for women:

Human hair wigs for women are designed to meet all needs in terms of: budget, cut, hairstyle or hair length.

Also, there are several qualities, hair type and cap design:

– Lace front wigs, or with standard cap

– Monofilament: partially or completely

– Made by hand or by machine

– Human or synthetic hair.

Wigs for black women:

This type of wig is specially designed to replicate the hair, styles and colors sought by a woman with black skin:

– African style wigs

– Haitian

– Afro-American

Wigs for Cancer:

The scalp of a woman with cancer is particularly sensitive during and after chemotherapy. For this, the choice of a well-suited wig for cancer is very important. In particular, this is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for the comfort and well-being of the patient.

Wigs and hairpieces for men

Some men who suffer from partial or total baldness sometimes feel the need to regain their old look. For this, there are hairpieces and wigs for bald men, made of real natural hair, which project a natural appearance. This hair can be styled according to the taste of the day. Men’s wigs are also made with fake hair. On the other hand, these have a less natural look.

Wigs for Alopecia

For women dealing with Alopecia, it is advisable to wear a wig in regular natural hair, or even Remy, of good quality and durable. Why? Because wigs for Alopecia are worn often and for a long time. So, it is important to opt for comfort, and for a more realistic look.

Choice criteria:

The first criterion of choice: yourself

It seems a bit simplistic to present it like this, but choosing your wig goes first and foremost by ourselves… Indeed, it is absolutely necessary to prepare psychologically before wearing it, whether it is synthetic, or human hair.

The more naturally accepted wearing a wig is, the easier it would be to live with, but also more discreet. A wig should be considered a part of ourselves to be able to accept it calmly. This little mental work helps to make the task enormously easier when it comes to choosing it.

Design and aesthetics

The aesthetic progress and know-how made in the design and comfort of today’s wigs are considerable, and we can only rejoice! Long gone are the days when wearing one generated an effect without a natural look…

Today, wearing a wig from a recognized brand goes virtually or completely unnoticed.

Recognized brands have greatly contributed to this improvement in terms of the quality of the hair used, and the comfort of the hat. So, today there is a wig for women or men, suitable for every taste and criteria:

1. Haircut:

There are wigs with all kinds of haircuts: straight, layered, curly or wavy. In addition, those in standard human hair or Remy, from certified sources, allow you to change your hairstyle or cut, just like real hair.

2. Length:

To offer a hair length adapted to the style of the user, the majority of wig brands offer models in long, shoulder or short hair. The three most popular lengths are also offered in various cuts or styles: layered, smooth, wavy or curly.

3. Hair color

Typically, each wig is found in: blond hair, black hair, brown hair, red hair, with locks of several shades of color, etc.

4. The beanie

The cap of a wig is the part on which the hair is tied by hand, or by machine, as the case may be. It is also this part that directly affects the scalp of the user. So the choice of the type of beanie is important. But, you should know that the price can vary significantly between one type and another.After all, it is very important to know that not all synthetic, or real hair, wigs on the market are the same. For this, it is advisable to always go with a recognized quality brand like Kameymall.

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