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How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

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If you’ve used Twitter, you’ve probably, at one point, wondered as to how to get verified on Twitter. You’ve seen accounts that have a blue checkmark next to them, and you’ve wondered if you could get your hands on one too. A verified badge makes an account look more credible and reliable. It shows to the audience that Twitter has verified the authenticity of this account. And, if nothing else, it tells people that this account has to be a big deal and should be taken seriously. But – let’s not digress. Today’s topic is on how we can get verified on Twitter. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything from the requirements for verification, how to apply for it, and even the lesser-known subject of how you can Buy Twitter Verifications

How does being verified on Twitter help? 

Let’s keep this short and sweet – 

  1. First – a verified badge shows the public that your account is authentic and trustable. In other words, you aren’t impersonating anyone – you aren’t a bot – you aren’t a random stranger. You are someone known and trusted. 
  2. Second – the blue badge shows to the people that you or your brand is of interest to others. Only persons and brands that are established and known get verified. 
  3. Finally – improved conversions. A blue badge automatically improves the conversion rate of your audience. People are more likely to follow you if you are verified. People are morelikely to reply to your DMs if you are verified. 

Who can apply for the Twitter verification? 

Here is the good news. Anyone can apply for verification. Verification isn’t exclusive to celebrities or public companies – no, that is not the case. Anyone and everyone, who meets a particular criterion for verification, can get verified on Twitter. 

And this means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a multinational corporation or a small store, whether you’re a celebrity loved by millions or an upcoming artist with a limited fanbase. Your account will be verified as long as you meet a particular list of requirements that the Twitter verification department has put up as pre-requisites to verification. 

Great, isn’t it? 

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How to apply for verification? 

There are a variety of ways to apply for verification with Twitter. The first and most common way, albeit the most unreliable way, would be to apply via in-app. You can log in to your Twitter account, navigate to the settings, and look for ‘Request for Verification.’ From there, you are taken to a form that you can fill out and wait for their reply. The problem here is, this usually doesn’t get any good results. 

In turn, what most people end up doing is, going via a digital marketing agency. So, suppose you were a person who desperately wanted to get verified on Twitter, and you were not getting any result via in-app submission. In that case, you’d go to a digital marketing agency that would apply directly with Twitter on your behalf and represent you to their Twitter media partnership relationship. In other words, in this case, you simply Buy Twitter Verification. It’s not that you are paying to get the badge itself because whether or not you get verified solely relies upon the hands of the Twitter team. However, you are paying for representation and a way to get someone (an actual human) at Twitter to look at the application. And, if you haven’t guessed it, this route gets quick and reliable results. 

Think of this. Twitter has over a billion users. And all of them can apply for verification. And most do. As you can imagine, Twitter most likely receives millions of applications for verification every day. Do you think they have hired thousands of people to review these verification applications? Of course, not! They have an AI system to process the applications, which doesn’t work that great. The AI system is coded to be as strict as possible to ensure the system doesn’t verify profiles that are not eligible. As you can imagine, the last thing Twitter would want is to verify an account filled with hatespeech. And this leads to people and brands with real credible reasons to get verified, unable to do so via in-app submission. 

And this is where the digital marketing agencies, the social media boutique agencies, and the marketing agencies come in. With their media partnership contact with Twitter, they can have someone (a real human) at Twitter look at your application. And this can skyrocket your chances of getting verified on Twitter. Brilliant, isn’t it? 

What makes a Twitter account eligible for verification? 

So, the natural question arises. What is it precisely that Twitter looks for when verifying an account? Here is the thing. Everything you’ve read online on social media blogs and forums, it’s all a lie. No, you don’t need to ‘engage with your followers’ to get verified. No, you don’t need to ‘post regularly’ or buy Twitter followers to be eligible for verification.

Yeah, all this doesn’t matter at all. 

Here is what it does. Twitter will verify you if you are well-known and famous. By famous, we don’t mean that you have millions of followers. No. You can be famous in a small country with just a hundred thousand fans. And you could be not so well-known in a gigantic country like India, even with millions of fans. You get the idea. 

Think of this. How does Twitter know you are famous and credible? I mean, how can they know of every actor, every politician, every singer, every TV personality in EVERY single country in this world. 

They don’t. 

Twitter can only know if you are famous or not via your web presence. They’ll check for what comes up when they Google you. Are there multiple sites covering you? Are there interviews about you? Are you featured on well-known online sites? That is all that matters. 

Add to this representation, and you are golden. 

You are guaranteed a verified blue checkmark with the right online web presence + representation. 

By now, you must be wondering what type of online web presence works. We’ll keep this simple. To be eligible for Twitter verification, you need to have at least ten or more full features about you or your brand on notable and reliable online news sites. Best part? 


Being verified on Twitter can take your online brand image to another level. From getting more followers, to getting more inquiries, to being taken seriously on the platform – the blue badge can do a lot for your personal and business brand. So whether you are an individual or a business, looking to apply via in-app submission, or looking to Buy Twitter Verification, we hope this article helped guide you in the right direction! Thank you for reading, and see you next time!

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