How To Improve The Quality of Your Video Calls And Which Applications To Use

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The coronavirus pandemic has not only increased areas such as teleworking but has also forced the massive use of applications that until now and except for specific cases, few gave it real use: video calls.

According to SensorTower data, of all types of applications in the different download stores, this pandemic period the video call platforms take the lead, with apps like Zoom, Houseparty, and Microsoft Teams on the Google Play side, repeating themselves on the Apple App Store but adding to Google Hangouts. 

This same interest is reflected in searches on Google Trends, which have been on the rise for the past week when the quarantines began. Thus, it is possible to see search terms such as “Zoom”, “Skype”, “WhatsApp”, “Facebook Messenger”, “Houseparty” and “video call games with friends”, for more info and daily stats on these trends visit value q official site.

But the boom in video calls is not just for work or leisure, sometimes it’s the last option. This was the case in Italy, where tablets are being used to make people about to die of coronavirus say goodbye to their loved ones.

More Audio Than Video

Why is the experience after a video call not what we expect? Before knowing some applications and tips, it may be good to know the great complexity after this process to fully understand it.

A web developer explains that both the processing of video images when one is recorded by a webcam, and the production of video streaming, requires processing on the person who emits it and who receives it.

So when you see someone on screen, what you see is a sequence of frames (or photos) per second. Between one photo and the other, the difference is very little, the background of the image is the same and there is a lot of redundancy of information since one or the other photo is ‘repeated.

What matters is processing this sequence of frames, hopefully reducing that redundancy to the minimum possible and transmitting the information once and not in each frame again: it is the first key to understanding the problem of bandwidth.

The expert points out that generally when the quality is poor, it is because there is a lack of bandwidth, which explains the “pixelation” in the image. And when a video is interrupted, it is because the frames cannot reach from one side to the other.

The problem is that if we have a state-of-the-art computer or mobile device, the capacity to produce a high-resolution image is much greater than if we have an old tablet.

As for the applications, experts recommend Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp or Skype, Webex being an interesting alternative due to its privacy. Many have their own “managers” that prioritize video conferencing traffic in the network, and each has its own dedicated servers for this purpose.


This application allows several things, such as video conferencing of multiple people, interrupting to be able to comment and we can silence the audio or image to others. In addition, we can record the session and not only record what the other says, but you can record an ecosystem, a dialogue. It recognizes when one speaks, it has a good image and is extremely good and useful, but you have to be careful that the width of the band is enough, or better not to use it.

The program supports up to 100 people connected at the same time, being able to share files. It has an option where we virtually raise our hands to ask to speak, as well as vote and asks questions and answers. It has a subscription system of $ 15 per month or is free for 40 minutes. Available on iOS, Android, and desktop.


It is also one of the most popular these days. We can chat, make video calls or video messages, but its great attraction has to do with games, such as trivia, drawings, and riddles or words. Up to 8 people can connect, available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome.


Native application for Apple users, which allows you to make calls or video calls of up to 32 people.


One of the oldest and most used, with 40 million people. Since the pandemic started it has registered a growth of 70% per month, while the minutes of calls increased 220%. Its latest innovation is Meet Now, new functionality that allows you to create video meetings for free, without registering or downloading the application and in just three clicks. In addition, we can chat, share files, send emojis, locate contacts, and make group calls of up to 50 people. It also has a paid version. Available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

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