How to Launch a Super App Using Gojek Clone to Provide Multiple on-demand Services

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How to launch a Super App using GoJek clone to provide multiple on-demand services post COVID-19 lockdown?

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the routines of the people for almost three months now. People are confined to their homes, fearing to step out. Though they are left stranded within the four walls, they enjoy luxuries through smartphones. On-demand app services have gained immense popularity among the masses. They get affordable, reliable, and convenient services at their doorsteps. 

This vastly expanding market has made entrepreneurs consider it as a viable business option. Investments are pouring into the market, especially after the onset of the pandemic. Now, instead of just offering one service through the app, why can’t an app offer multiple services on the go? This idea has led to the rise of Super apps. In this blog, let’s take a comprehensive look at how entrepreneurs can launch a Super app, providing multiple on-demand services amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

Are Super apps a profitable business venture?

Initially, let’s take a look at the definition of these apps. Super apps are multi-service apps, offering multiple on-demand services under one common roof. By providing various services, business owners gain revenue from multiple sources. Besides, Super apps can reach out to a wider audience and can achieve instant success in the market. If you are wondering about the market of these apps, let’s take a look at the popular apps of the industry here, 

  • GoJek: This app is one of the most sought-after super apps in Southeast Asian countries. The app houses multiple services, from food delivery to fintech solutions. With over 30 million active users, the giant is currently valued at around $10 billion, according to a US intelligence agency. 
  • Tencent’s WeChat: This app was introduced as an instant messaging app, similar to WhatsApp. But, the business owner identified the prospects of these multi-service apps and transformed the app into one. The app has 1 billion active users, primarily in China. 
  • Grab: Grab is another popular app among Southeast Asian nations. The super app is currently valued at $14 billion. The app is considered one of the biggest rivals of GoJek. Over 36 million unique users avail multiple services through the app. 

In addition to the above examples, multi-service apps are sprouting up across the different regions of the globe. This is an ideal time for entrepreneurs to invest in the platform and make it a profitable business venture. 

How can I develop a multi-services app?

There are multiple ways to develop a multi-service app. Let’s discuss the most popular and cost-effective ways here, 

  • Development from the ground: In this type of development, you create your app right from scratch. You identify your business requirements and the demands of the market. You approach either freelance developers or app development companies for developing your Super app. This is one of the traditional ways, and it incurs a hefty budget and tine. 
  • Customizing clone apps: One of the recent trends in the market nowadays is to approach app companies for clone apps. Entrepreneurs needn’t worry about app development. Moreover, these apps are entirely customizable according to your needs. Budding business owners prefer these apps, owing to their pocket-friendly and instant solutions. 

What are the services worth considering in your Gojek clone app?

Nowadays, Gojek clone apps are accommodating more than 60 services. This dramatically reduces the storage of different apps in users’ smartphones and significantly adds to its accessibility. Some of the vital services include, 

  • Ride-hailing services: Inevitably, users need taxi and transportation apps in their smartphones. By offering hassle-free rides, you can engage a wider audience towards your online platform. 
  • Multiple delivery services: People are enjoying convenient doorstep services. There are delivery options for several services, including food, grocery, medicine, alcohol, flower, etc. Amid this pandemic season, your app can be a one-stop destination for people in need of delivery services. 
  • Digital payment services: Nowadays, mobile phones have replaced wallets to a considerable extent. With the digitization of the world, people are adopting themselves to cashless transactions. Hence, your app should house bill payment and recharge services. Besides, an in-app wallet feature can come in handy, too. 
  • Messaging services: People need to reach out to their social community in a flash. Hence, you can also accommodate instant messaging apps. Besides various services offered, people rely on your apps for messaging, as well. 

The advantages of super apps

Super applications present a host of advantages to almost every party involved – the super app company, the users of super apps, and even developers who develop modules and many programs for the super applications.

What becomes a product launch when releasing a new application is just a matter of a Software Update with some advertising when it is present within a super app! This means that your new utility will open to an already existing audience, and the data that you have about your users can only mean that your advertising efforts are bound to be more streamlined and efficient. You do not have to speculate or bank on the probabilities offered by third-party advertising platforms but rather, use your own data to precisely hit your target audience.

Most of the models or the mini-apps within the super app ecosystem are not developed by the company. In an attempt to increase revenue and visibility, there are a lot of third-party companies that keep up a steady supply of ‘app fuel’ for the super app ecosystems. This provides business opportunities for both businesses and developers who would like to capitalize on the opportunity and the user base provided by apps like WeChat and Alipay.

What are the features that shape up a multi-services app?

Now, an app’s features determine its longevity in the market. Features attract users towards the app, sustain these users, and enhance the productivity of the app. Let’s take a brief look at the different features of the app. 

  • Real-time tracking: With the help of this feature, users can track the status of their orders. They’ll get the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of delivery professionals in case of delivery services, and drivers in ride-hailing services. 
  • Push notifications: Users and service providers needn’t access the app every time for updates. They are notified instantly with the aid of these push notifications. 
  • In-app chat/call facilities: For efficient functioning of the app, your app has to establish a proper communication network. Using this in-app chat/call feature, users and service providers can contact each other for queries. 
  • In-app wallet: This is a must-have feature for a multi-service platform. Users accessing different services need to pay for them seamlessly. Users can add/remove money from their wallet, leading to hassle-free and instant payments. 
  • Multi-lingual support: Users from diversified cultures access your app for services. Hence, language shouldn’t be a barrier for them, hindering them from using the app. Thus, with this support system, users can choose the app’s language according to their preference. 
  • Chatbots integration: In some instances, it might be difficult for users to navigate through the app, as it contains multiple services. Hence, integrating a chatbot for guidance can significantly add to users’ reliability. 

These are certain unique features that can make your app stand apart from the rest. 

What are the benefits of launching these multi-services apps?

These super apps offer enticing benefits for the entire network of the app. This network includes users, services providers, and entrepreneurs. Let’s discuss certain key benefits here, 

  • Users needn’t navigate across different apps for services. They can instantly reach out to multiple services through a single app, thereby leading to increased accessibility. 
  • With the aid of these apps, services providers enhance their business by reaching out to a wider audience. Besides, these apps act as an additional source of income for them. 
  • Entrepreneurs can increase their chances of success with these super apps. By offering varied services, they gain extensive exposure, leading to increased sustainability. The higher the durability of the app, the greater is the revenue generated through it. 

With these exclusive benefits, it is a win-win situation for the entire network accessing the app. 

What lies ahead in the market of Super apps?

The market is growing exponentially in various regions across the world. Identifying the potential of the market, Facebook and Reliance India Limited (RIL) have joined hands to create a multi-services app. This has opened the markets for various small scale businesses in India, who can take their business online. These tech giants have identified this vast and unexplored market. You can instantly develop a best-in-class multi-services app, gaining instant success among the masses. The digitization of the world, coupled with users’ convenience, will propel the market for these super apps forward. 

Summing up

The COVID-19 crisis has made people realize the significance of on-demand apps. This has paved the way for entrepreneurs to venture into the flourishing market. Launching a multi-services app like Gojek clone can be a beneficial and profitable business venture. Integrating critical features into the app can increase its sustainability to a considerable extent. Get in touch with an app development company, tell them your visions about the app, and set foot in the market instantly! 

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