How to Perfect the Art of Tantric Massage

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If you desire to increase mindfulness in your bed, you need a tantric massage from any tantric London expert. It’s a fun, meaningful, and rewarding way to deepen sex life. The tantra massage is a massage type that utilizes sexual energy to reach a high conscious state. Skilled lovers or skilled tantra therapists use sensual touches when giving this massage.

They help them to awaken the dormant body energy fields. They can use specific sensual touches like running fingertips on the entire body. The awakened body energy fields unite lovers through ecstatic experience. They allow the trapped mental and physical pain to escape from the body.

In your endeavors, always choose professional tantra therapists with a professional reputation. They will teach you how to perform the best tantra massage. You will feel the whole experience of the ancient healing art. If you and your partner need to try tantric massage, use the following basic steps to get you started:

Set the mood

The first thing to do is to choose a place you will love to massage your partner. It’s not a must to always do it in your bedroom. Shop or pick for better body oil. Clean the room, dim the lights and light a few romantic candles or incense. Make a great playlist of the favorite romantic songs that your partner loves. Get flower petals that are nice and use them to decorate the bed. If you wish, you can add a glass of red wine. In preparation for the act, both of you should take a shower. Wear something that makes both of you sensual and relaxed.

Choose a sacred place that is comfortable for both of you. Remember to turn off or silence mobile phones to avoid distractions. It will also help you to be present during the process.

The eye gazing technique

Even when you are an amateur, you can master the basic techniques and tricks of massaging. Make use of the internet. Check for the massage techniques paying attention to the needs of each method.

To start, sit straight facing each other and look directly into your partner’s eyes. It’s at times known as soul gazing or eye gazing. Though you might feel shy or uncomfortable initially, try as much as possible to resist the shyness. After a few minutes of eye conduct, you will feel relaxed. Hold hands and synchronize your breaths to help stay in tune to deepen the mind and body connection.

Other techniques

The Shiatsu technique will need you to put pressure on your partner’s body using your thumb. You will move the thumb in circular motions. The method is quite relaxing and works everywhere on the body. You can also check the tutorials and guides for other techniques. They include compression and kneading, among others. The endnote of a good massage should end with a nice foot massage. Your partner will always be grateful for the service.

The essential areas

Many body parts get ignored during massages. Remember to reach them out apart from overemphasizing only the arms, stomach, and back. For example, massage the ears. Squeeze the earlobes gently between your forefinger and the thumb. Trace the ear lining and go-ahead to other areas. They include the feet soles, lower back neck tape, and the back of the knees.

Make it sensual

Be creative during the massage process. Invent ways to make the massage to be as sensual as possible. Don’t always rely on your hands to provide the massage. You have a tongue. Please make use of it in massaging other areas of the body. You can also handcuff or blindfold your partner. Whisper in the ear sweet nothings, and even plant sweet kisses as you a massage. In this massaging process, you don’t need clothes, my friend. Clothes may hinder some good feelings.

Hold your horses

It’s an important technique to use in the massage process. You have to start slow and give your partner enough time for relaxation. Begin with chest, shoulders, and backstrokes and then go to the erogenous zones. You need to spend at least ten minutes massaging your partner’s body and see how things will turn out to be in the night.

Incredible benefits of tantra massage

Pain relief

Surprisingly, an expert’s touch on the gentle touch relieves body pain. An expert can target tense or sore muscles and work on them to leave you rejuvenated.

Improved sexual life

Many pleasurable stimulations come with the skin-to-skin contact of a tantric experience. They all enhance your sensual energy levels, whether a man or a woman. A professional masseuse’s soft and well-calculated touch will help relieve sexual frustration feelings. It will give you the freedom to explore your inner desires.

As a couple, it’s good to practice this massage to help in spicing up things.

Stress relief

The nature of tantric massage guarantees the instant release of stress in people. A single session helps to curb acute stress. On many occasions, it’s evident that it helps people struggling with depression. When you have any stress from divorce, work, or anything, it’s advisable to have a tantric massage. You will be able to get fantastic treatment.

Improves sleep

The massage improves your sleeping patterns and the general quality of your sleep. Good sleep is both a short time and a longtime benefit that you will gain from this massage. You will experience calm nights of sleep. Continued tantra massage daily helps to improve individuals with sleeping disorders like insomnia.

Improved blood circulation

Better blood circulation is essential for your body to function in a better way. Better circulation takes place in your body as a result of regular massage therapies.

Removes blockages

The release of blockages leaves the affected people feeling free, relieved, and satisfied. A skillful therapist will pick the blockage signs and work on them. They will aid in removing all blockages in an individual.


Tantra therapy is a practical, remarkable, and praise worth modality. It brings long-lasting effects. It would help if you used it to the hype and rejuvenate your life.

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