How to Plant Weed Seeds After They Germinate?

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Is the germination of the seeds is completed? And now you are looking for the plantation of the same?

If the answer is in yes! Then you are at the right place. 

Plantation is a very important as well as a very major process after germinating the weed seeds. There are a few important things that the person is required to take care of such as whether the plantation should be done in the outside place or in the inside of a house, etc. these little things affect too much on the quality of the weeds seeds. The planting process after germinating weed seeds involves the seedling process from the paper towel in a very small to medium sized pot. 

So, How to plant weed seeds once after they completely germinate?

Some of the cannabis or weed seeds are a little tricky to be handled as well as to plant and grow. However, it has been said that a person does not required or needed to do much much for the cannabis or the weed seeds. 

There are a few major equipment required for the planting of the weed seeds. Some of them are mentioned below have a look at them:

1. A small Lightproof pot is required for the plantation

First of all the person is required to have the light proofed pot in order to plant the weed seeds at the home. However, the size of the pot or we can say that the mug should and must be right, which means the pot must not be big or must not be small but the perfect sized. Because if the pot size is big then the plant might not be able to absorb the whole of the water in the pot and if the pot size is small then the water will not be enough or sufficient for the seeds as well as the roots of the seeds will not be able to find the proper space to grow and spread in the pot. Hence they will not grow properly. 

2. Tweezers are also an important equipment for plantation of the seeds

Some of the people used to do the plantation with their hands while on the other hand, tweezers helps the people in doing the better as well as the comfortable seedling process in general. 

3. The Potting soil for the plantation

The potting soil is a very important as well as a very beneficial thing for the seedling process. Mixture of the proper cuttings as well as the seedlings helps in growing the plant better as well as it is very helpful in the plant’s health.

4. The hole maker or a Pen to make holes

A pen or even a pencil is required in order to make holes in the land so that the weed seeds can be grown properly. 

5. The Plant sprayer is also required for the weed seeds plantation

Be it the indoor plantation or even be it the outdoor plantation the plant sprayer is very important equipment, which is required to plant the seeds. Because the water is required sufficiently be it any of the plant in the world and this water can be given properly by the water plant sprayer. 

6. The Germinated cannabis seeds

The germinated water seeds are the most important as well as major thing in the whole of the plantation process of the seeds. In one pot a seedling of weed is required. 

Here are a few steps to plant the cannabis or weed seeds in just a few steps:

Follow all the steps very carefully.

Step: 1 fill the plant pot with the good soil

Step: 2 make a proper hole in the soil pot in order to make a proper way for water

Step: 3 add the cannabis or the weed seeds into the soil

Step: 4 water them and wait for growing the same. 

Things to be taken care while planting the weed or cannabis seeds at your own:

There are a few important things that are required to be avoided when a person is planning to grow as well as plant weed seeds. Always try fertilizing the seeds and not to try over nutrients the same. Moreover, these plants can be sometimes a little vulnerable and on the other hand it can be full of  too high amounts of minerals.

1. Do not over mineralize the seeds

2. Do not cover the water or plant pot 

3. Avoid the humidity over the seeds pot

4. Avoid adding or including the wrong or unnecessary soil in the pot.

5. Avoid making or increasing the unnecessary pH level of the pot.

6. Always make the soil wet as well as avoid making the soil dry. 

Germination of the seeds is required beforehand planting the same. The germination period should not be too long or too short but just perfect. The germination period of the cannabis or weed seeds is around 3 to 5 days on an average. However, this is not a hard and fast rule but the germination period of the weed seeds depends upon the multiple important factors as well as all the seeds of cannabis are different from each other, which means the germination period is different from each other. Such as a few weed seeds require 18 to 24 hours, some of the cannabis seeds require 1 to 3 days, and even some of the seeds require more than 3 days as well. 

The cannabis plants can be grown in both the weathers be it the indoor or be it the outside but always keep a thing in the mind that the cold temperature or the cold weather can be very damaging over the plant as well as the cold temperature can damage the whole seeds as well as plants. Therefore in the winter season the seeds should be grown inside the house otherwise it can be grown anywhere inside or outside.

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